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How To Tie A Blowback Rig – Carp Fishing Quickbite

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How To Tie A Blowback Rig – Carp Fishing Quickbite

In this AD Quickbite, the Angling Direct team goes through how to tie a blowback rig, step-by-step. The blowback rig is a popular carp fishing rig for anglers up and down the country as it can be fished with bottom baits or pop-ups and has fooled some of the wariest carp in the country.  

Firstly, let us cover some of the items the AD team used for this carp fishing rig.

For a Blowback Rig You Will Need:


Steps to Tying a Blockback Rig for Carp Fishing

1) Start by selecting your braid and scissors

2) Trim off your desired rig length

3) Select your stripper tool

4) Strip back 3-4 inches of coating before tying a small hair loop

5) Select your rig ring

6) Attach to your hooklink

7) Select your hook

8) Thread onto your hooklink and pass the hook point through the rig ring

9) Secure in place using a standard knotless knot

10) Select your kicker

11) Secure in place over the eye of your hook

12) Select your anti-tangle sleeve

13) Thread onto your hooklink and tie a figure of 8 loop knot

14) Your finished rig should look similar to this.... 


You're now ready to fish! 

Watch the video below for these steps in more detail.


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