How To Tie A Simple Catfish Rig - Carp Fishing Quickbite

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How To Tie A Simple Catfish Rig - Carp Fishing Quickbite

In this AD Quickbite How-To guide, the AD team show you exactly how to tie a simple catfish rig, using the knotless knot hair rig.  

Before we jump into the steps of how to tie this simple rig, let's review what fishing equipment you will need to add to that shopping list!


What Fishing Tackle Do Need?

Catfish Pro Catlink XT Braid


How to Tie a Simple Catfish Rig

1) Start by taking your Catlink and scissors 

2) Trim off your chosen hooklink length 

3) Tie a small overhand loop for the hair 

4) Trim off the tag 

5) Select your hook 

6) Attach using a knotless knot 

7) Select your anti-tangle sleeve 

8) Thread onto your hooklink before tying a figure of 8 loop knot 

9) Trim off the tag 

10) Select your hook pellet and needle 

11) Thread onto your hair 

12) Select your pellet peg 

13) Secure your hook pellet in place 

14) Select your chosen lead arrangement 

15) Attach your rig 

Your finished rig should look similar to this! 


 For a closer look on how to construct this fishing rig, watch the QuickBite Video!


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