How To Tie The Perfect Dobbing Bread Pole Rig – Coarse Fishing Quickbite

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How To Tie The Perfect Dobbing Bread Pole Rig – Coarse Fishing Quickbite

In this How To Coarse Fishing Guide, we show you exactly how to tie a great pole rig. This particular rig is extremely effective when dobbing bread and is a go-to for many coarse anglers.

Before we get into the method of this pole rig, check out the items you need to add to your fishing shopping list.

Guru F1 Wire Stem Floats

Guru Micro Cubes

Step-by-Step of the Dobbing Bread Pole Rig

1. Start by selecting your float silicone and scissors 

2. Trim 3 small sections of silicone 

3. Select your rig line 

4. Thread on your silicone 

5. Select your float 

6. Thread onto your rig and secure in place with the silicone 

7. Pull your float down leaving roughly 3ft of line above your float 

8. Tie a figure 8 loop knot 

9. Next, tie a smaller loop within your figure 8 loop knot 

10. This will help when removing your rig from a dacron connector 

11. Select your no9 micro cubes 

12. Secure 2 cubes onto the rig directly in-between your float and loops 

13. These backshots will help keep control of your rig 

14. Select your desired rig length and tie another figure 8 loop knot 

15. Select your no10 micro cubes 

16. Evenly space these shot over the entire rig length below your float 

17. Loop to loop onto your rig 

You're now ready to fish!

For a detailed look into this method check out Steve Crowe's Dobbing Bread Masterclass.


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