Late Summer Fishing in the Netherlands - With Ade Kiddell

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Late Summer Fishing in the Netherlands - With Ade Kiddell

After my last blog detailing the serious flooding in Europe, and in particular, my local river; the Grensmaas, I can tell you that it has been great to finally be able to get back out and fishing that river again.

Read Ade's previous blog, here.


Weather Damage to Fishing Rivers

Since my last entry, the flooding has been slowly receding, and the river has gradually returned to normal, however, it appears in many areas that the banks and riverbed have been completely changed. Large areas of riverbank have been completely washed away and the banks and riverbed itself are strewn with debris.

As the water level dropped shoals of fish were left behind, and an emergency team that was made up largely of volunteers helped to rescue many thousands of fish from dykes and pools left in fields. Sadly, many fish were lost, but the good work of these volunteers saved many and so hopefully nature can do the rest of the recovering.


Fishing a Recently Flooded Venue

My first trip back to the river was the last spot I fished the day before the flood started.  It was certainly surreal to be sitting on the riverbank, with debris from the flood still strewn in the trees almost 10 metres above where I was sitting!

The first trip back was a successful one, as I managed a decent barbel. It was not a huge fish but it was most welcome in my net. This barbel is hopefully the first of many over the next few weeks as we move into a prime time for anglers. September and October are great months for fishing and I am very much looking forward to it.


Carp Fishing in the Summer

As I wrote last time, I have been spending a fair bit of fishing time on a carp lake local to my home. It has been very rewarding at times with some great fish, plenty of which are over twenty pounds. Unfortunately, last time I wrote it was still closed after the flooding but it has since reopened, however, many found the fishing to be a bit hit and miss which was down to some issues with some high levels of nutrients in the water. This was revealed after a water quality check and was caused when washed from the land during the flooding and will hopefully return to normal soon.

I have had a couple of sessions at this venue and the fishing has been very slow with the only bream to show for my efforts. Nonetheless, I have had 2 good sessions with 3 carp over twenty pounds in each session has made up for it. Hopefully over the next few weeks, a few more and maybe one of the biggies will grace my net.


Credited In Fishing Media

Back in 2009, I was very lucky to go to India and fish for Mahseer, in total I went on three different occasions. In 2012 I was very fortunate to catch a huge Golden Mahseer of over 80lb which was a historical fish that has since been banned for fishing in that part of Southern India. I managed to catch the last giant before this ban.

I am very honoured that an old fishing mate of mine and angling legend Steve Harper has found room in his recently published book “The Mightiest Mahseer” to include a photo and the mention of my historic fish. I am really looking forward to reading Steve’s book and reminiscing of the great times I spent in the jungles of Southern India, fishing for the Mighty Mahseer.

Hopefully, I am off to the northern part of Holland over the next few weeks for a bit of a holiday and some fishing for thrown in. I will let you know how it goes in the next blog.


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