Nash Indulgence Big Daddy 2020 - Thursday Focus

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Nash Indulgence Big Daddy 2020 - Thursday Focus

Whether it is a long fishing session for carp or a short coarse river fishing trip, you will find a lot of the time spent at the bankside is a waiting game and one better off waited for in comfort. The Indulgence Big Daddy 2020 chair from Nash certainly beckons tired anglers as it sits higher than many other chairs, making them easier to get into and out of when the moment of the action occurs!

With the dimensions of 59cm W x 51cm D x 55cm (height of back), you can adjust the leg lengths to your preference so you can get the best comfort for your own height. The leg adjustment ranges from 39-55cm, perfect for if you need to fit the chair under a low umbrella or shelter.

The design of the Big Daddy chair is welcomed by many carpers, especially those beyond their 30s, being one of the most popular chairs across Europe. The chair itself is constructed from a microfleece making it insulating for you core and legs when sitting in the cool shade. The sculpted inner mattress of the chair is fitted with a peach skin camo skirt and a padded memory foam head section to maximise the comfort for an angler planning to spend a few hours in this chair in between catching some great fish. The head section ensures supports your neck and back, preventing a slouching posture which can increase back pain after a long day of fishing. There are also padded, removable peach skin arm covers for comfort which is suitable for a quick wash in between sessions as we are sure your arms and hands may get a little fish slimy from time to time!

To match the luxurious comfort, the Big Daddy chair is embossed with the Nash Indulgence logo. Additionally, this is an incredibly practical chair with a one-touch spring-loaded leg mechanism with mud feet, locking pins for rear legs and an easy grip hand wheel adjustment. This makes the chair practical for a range of fishing environments and landscapes that you may come across. 

At the weight of 9.2kg, in a great camo decoration, this Nash fishing chair is one to add to the collection.

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