National Marine Week – Top 5 Sea Fishing Tips

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National Marine Week – Top 5 Sea Fishing Tips

With the sun shining and the family likely wanting to head to the beach, why not make the most of a visit to the coastline and bring those sea fishing rods along! Sea fishing is probably the most accessible; it's usually totally free around our shores, although you may have to buy a permit to fish from some piers and get yourself a rod license. Other than that, all you need is the spirit of adventure and a few essential bits of sea fishing tackle. It’s a great way of both enjoying yourself and maximising some quality family time whilst on the beach!

For those wanting to head to the beach for a spot of fishing or think you are missing something that prevents you from getting a catch, you are in luck! In the spirit of National Marine Week, we hear at Angling Direct thought we would select tips to help you land a few saltwater species the next time you are on the coast.

Top 5 Sea Fishing Tips

1) Fish Near a Structure

There are literally miles of coastline, and you need to try and locate fish to eventually (hopefully) catch them. As with all fish, look for some form of structure that is likely to be a holding area for smaller fish and therefore larger predatory fishing will be visiting. Head to piers, rocks, river mouths, gullies in the surf and of course harbours (where fishing is allowed); those fish won't be far away. It is worth noting to be cautious when fishing from rocks. It is a good idea to head the shore with someone and always face the sea!

2) The Tide of the Sea

When sea fishing, you need to also consider the tide. Is it coming in or going out? The spot you may be fishing in an hour's time may be completely dry. For this reason, it is worth checking tide times for your location.  Try to target around an hour either side of high tide on your chosen location as this is generally the optimum time to catch fish.

3) Fish Afloat

Why not put yourself in the hands of a local charter boat so you can fish afloat and target all manner of species, from wreck fishing for conger, feathering for mackerel, or even offshore for blue sharks. Head down to the harbour or search the internet and get yourself and the family booked on for an enjoyable day with tackle and bait available on most boats.

4) Keep Sea Fishing Rigs Simple

When it comes to rigs there is no need to over complicate it, you can either stick to a simple float or a running ledger rig, along with a choice of fresh fish baits or rag and lugworm. Even simpler, you could maybe even use bread, or buy yourself one of many pre-tied rigs and simply clip on a lead, add some bait and away you go!


5) Search for Local Knowledge

Speak to local anglers, either on the beach or through the internet. This is a great way to find out where's popular and what species are coming out.  A little research will help you get a head start and ensure you are not wasting your time looking for areas by yourself. As anglers, AD is more than happy to help others, so don’t be shy when looking for tips! You can ask a member of the AD team when next in store for great places to start your sea fishing adventure!

We, here at Team AD certainly do like to be beside the seaside! If you do too then why not take a rod or two next time you are heading to the coast. For inspiration, you can check out some suggested sea fishing spots in Norfolk in our piece on the AD Blog! We hope these tips help you the next time you are near the sea so have a go and try sea fishing for yourself!

Enjoy National Marine week!

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