Monday Top 5 - Short Sessions

As daylight hours reduce, temperatures drop, and winter looms this can often result in a few anglers ‘packing up’ until spring. Fishing short sessions can be a great way to not only maximise your limited time on the bank but also help you catch more fish all year round. Here are our top five tips for fishing short sessions.

Be Organised
Now, we are not talking about 12 hours on the bank; short sessions can be as little as a couple of hours, and in that time you don’t want to spend half of it tying rigs, so make sure you take advantage of those nights where you are at home watching TV or your lunch hour at work and prepare everything you may need for those short sessions. You never know when you might have a few hours that open up, and you want to be ready to grab your stuff and go so get yourself sorted.

Strip out all your gear so that it's minimal; not only will this help you focus on the most important aspect sof angling, location and watercraft, but it will mean that you aren't lugging around unnecessary items, and can get the car loaded and off in a matter of seconds. Only take the things that are absolutely essential, not 70 lures or 60 leads.

Have a series of venues nearby, don’t be looking to target venues that are far away (more then half an hour or so) on short sessions, especially in the autumn/winter, as we all know what the road system can be like and you don’t want to waste your fishing time in the car. What’s even better is to ensure that these venues are prebaited and that you have an idea about how they are fishing so that when you have a few hours free you can attack the venue with confidence and knowing you have a ‘go to area’ of the lake that has seen bait, hopefully speeding up the process of you catching.

Be Mobile
As a general rule if I see something I move on it. This could be a subtle show or coloured water but on short sessions the window of opportunity for a bite can be so small. Don't just stay and wait it out in one area, keep your eyes peeled, trickle bait into a few areas and check it for signs of fish, or move to where you have seen any indications of fish activity. The more effort you put in the more chance of a reward.

Be Different
By this I mean if you target carp for most of the year don’t discount other species on shorter sessions for example drop shotting for perch is a great way to spend a lunch hour and can turn a pretty poor winter into and amazing one just by your being proactive and taking your chance to go out and catch fish at any given opportunity. There's always trotting on rivers, lure fishing, fly fishing, coarse fishing and obviously carp fishing that can all be done with great success on short session especially if you follow the points above.

Get yourself on the bank more, take advantage of those few hours you may find, and catch yourself more fish over course of the year fishing short sessions.

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