Wednesday Review - The Grandeslam Q-Dos Single Wheel Barrow and Carry Bag

Grandeslam For Tackle Transport

The Grandeslam Q-Dos Single Wheel Barrow and Carry Bag is an affordable entry level tackle transport option for those exploring carp angling for the first time. Giving you plenty of space for all your tackle and luggage essentials, the Q-Dos is made with high sides and a transport back, which gives you adjustable, spacious storage for all your tackle.

Folding down to a compact size, the Q-Dos barrow is a comfortable size for most car boots, allowing you to easily get everything you need out to any venue.

The rear transport bags allow smaller and more fragile items can be kept separate from your main load, ensuring that they don't get damaged if you have a long trek to your favourite swim.

Q-Dos For Carp

The Grandeslam Q-Dos Single Wheel Barrow is designed to make angling easy. The single wheel design allows you to navigate the narrowest of tracks, putting every swim within your reach, while the rear transport area gives you the flexibility to store your angling essentials safely, ensuring you reach the bank ready to cast out, and get fishing,

Key Features

. Car friendly – compact pack down

. Rear transport sections for smaller tackle items

. Convenient single wheel design

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