Shakespeare Superteam Power Float Rod - Tackle Tuesday

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Shakespeare Superteam Power Float Rod - Tackle Tuesday

The Superteam range from Shakespeare is made up of modern action coarse rods, designed with the commercial angler mind. From 10ft Pellet waggler rods to big 14ft feeder rods, there is something in this range for you regardless of the peg you are fishing.

Braid resistant SiC guides offer security when fishing with braided mainlines, and the progressive action of the Superteam range will comfortably cope with big fish under the tip, this is thanks in part to the pros that helped design the blank for optimum coarse requirements. The blank itself is constructed from 30T High Density Carbon, breaking down into 3 sections, with a casting weight of 5-20g.

The rod is available with both EVA and cork handles, both of which contrast nicely with the modern look and feel to the Superteam range.

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