Shimano Aero X7 Precision Feeder Rod - Product Spotlight

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Shimano Aero X7 Precision Feeder Rod - Product Spotlight

There are two different rod lengths available for the Shimano Aero X7 Precision Feeder Rod: 10ft and 11ft. For those match anglers looking for a competition-level high-end commercial feeder rod to fish for small to medium-sized fish in small to medium-sized waters, the AERO x7 Precision Feeder 10ft length is an ideal rod. For medium-sized (commercial) lakes, this rod is the perfect match. It has reasonable distance casting yet offers the best compromise between fishing sensitive and accurate, despite reasonable casting distance.

Thanks to the rod's stiff backbone, the precision feeder rod's rod action is optimized for accurate casting. Together, the stiffness of the rod is complemented by the softness of the rod tip, making it perfect for battling stubborn fish. A super-fine tip of 0.50 oz is specially designed for conditions when it's important to see every movement of your line, such as when fishing in the winter.

The action of this 11ft is slightly more powerful than the 10ft, which supports reaching the required distance. The rod has quite some backbone, but the tip sections are soft enough to create a beautiful bend that supports the angler in keeping the fish hooked. This rod is very suitable to do natural water bream fishing when distance casting is not required but a soft fish fighting action is needed.

The casting accuracy of this rod is excellent, allowing you to fish your method feeder or bait bomb super tight against the other bank, island or on a compact baiting area. Once a fish is hooked, the X7 rod will give you the power to bring it in fast. However fast does not necessarily mean harsh as the rod tip provides a softness to keep the hook in the mouth of the fish, meaning minimal damage. The provided tips also provide incredible sensitive bite registration.


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