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Tackle Tuesday… Aqua Combi Mat

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Tackle Tuesday… Aqua Combi Mat

Description Its all right having all the state of the art alarms, rods, reels and accessories to help you catch your target fish, but unless you have the right equipment to ensure the creatures' safety when it is out of the water and on the bank, these items are worthless. Way too much emphasis is placed on catching big fish these days and not enough education or effort is placed on how to care for the creature and the right equipment to use once you have it on the bank.

Without question one of, if not the most important piece of equipment any carp or big fish angler should have is a top quality unhooking mat. One of the more popular styles and designs currently available is the Aqua Combi Mat. This tried and thoroughly tested unhooking mat has earned many accolades over the years for its all round fish protection, versatility and functionality. In fact it is so well respected within the sport that it now carries the ECHO logo.

The Combi Mat is made from Duratexx which is a quick drying durable, yet soft fish friendly material. The Combi Mat offers a 1200mm (W) x 50mm (H) x 700mm (D) safe padded area for you to unhook your fish on but the Combi Mat's abilities dont stop there. You can also use it as a weighing sling and it also makes a safe non-restrictive way of returning your quarry back to the water, thanks to the fish retaining flap that has fully baffled all round zips and will fully encapsulate a fish once secured.

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Key Features - 120cm (W) x 5cm (H) x 70cm (L) - Quick dry Duratexx materia - Fish-friendly surface - Lightweight carry sleeve - Can be used as a weigh sling - Stalking strap supplied - Baffled zips - Full zipped fish retaining flap - ECHO endorsed

The Review Carrying a bulky unhooking mat doesn't fit with my ethos of travelling light when fishing overnight sessions. Equally, I don't want to sacrifice any padding on the carp-care side.

A fully foam-padded mat that offers brilliant protection for the fish, the DuraTex material is resilient and dries quickly, making it much better to pack away after a productive session. Sizewise, it offers brilliant coverage and the integrated zip-down flap covers the fish if it becomes lively on the mat. The Combi comes fitted with a strap, making it ideal for carrying a few essentials when stalking. The zips are all heavy-duty too and prevent breakage.

Overall, I have really enjoyed using this. I managed to catch a mid-thirty mirror that was kept safe and sound on the Combi and I am sure that much larger fish will easily be accommodated. It also makes a brilliant windbreak for your brolly!

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