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Tackle Tuesday... Berkley Connect Mainlines

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Tackle Tuesday... Berkley Connect Mainlines

Berkley Connect CM70 Mono From the same stable that brought us the likes of Berkley Big Game and Triline, the CM70 is described by Berkley as: “Possibly the most foolproof line money can buy.” Finished in a Muddy Brown coloration, this is an all-purpose main line offering breaking strains from 8lb right the way through to 20lb, with respective diameters ranging from 0.28mm to 0.45mm.




Each new main line in the Connect range has been built specifically for carp angling, and is capable of dealing with every demanding situation that you are likely to encounter. Strong, durable, great abrasion resistance and with superb knot strength, this is a monofilament that will not disappoint. Don’t buy it expecting it to put miles on your cast or as a sinking line, that isn’t what it’s intended for. However, produced to be manageable even for the lazier carp anglers out there who may not treat their main line as well as they should, CM70 offers high shock resistance that not only improves your contact and feel with the lead but will allow it to cope with 99.9 per cent of what you can throw at it.

Supplied on 1,000m spools, for a miniscule £12.99, this is without doubt one of the best value for money copolymer main lines on the market. This is the perfect line for spooling up all three of your reels without backing for a ridiculous price and, better still, you can have confidence in the performance time and time again.


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Berkley Connect CM90 Mono I understand that you might want to spend a little more than £12.99 on a main line. Perhaps you want to it to be denser to aid quicker sinking too; that’s fine. Do not fear, the CM90 is here. This is a main line that has been pushed to offer increased strength and reliability for when you are fishing the harsher environments out there. A limited stretch keeps you in contact with your lead when leading around for the perfect spot, while the manageable nature of the line makes this a lot more user friendly for bigger casters. Fishing is all about pushing your boundaries and this is exactly what the CM90 is designed to do. Many anglers prefer to fish mono lines and this is the one they should be using. It’s constructed from a pro-grade alloy monofilament polymer – I know, it didn’t really mean much to me either – but when I played with it I understood that it must mean quality in layman’s terms.

Priced at just £19.99 per 1,200m spool, it is available in the same breaking strains and diameters as the CM70, and at only £7 dearer this is a truly outstanding mono.


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Berkley Connect CF600 Mainline Curly, thick and prone to kinking, yes we have all experienced a troublesome fluorocarbon main line, but thanks to the CF600 those days are firmly behind us as Berkley take us to the future. When I was first shown the line, I was with renowned carp catcher Ed Betteridge, who has managed to put it over 100 yards, and that’s without really tackling up to do so, which is promising for a fluorocarbon.

Bridging the gap between monofilament and braided main line fluorocarbon puts you in contact just that little bit more, which is essential when looking for spots with your fishing rod or, even more importantly, mid-battle you can begin to identify what twist and turns the carp are applying in a bid to gain freedom. Berkley told us that this is “the best fluorocarbon we’ve ever made.”

Not to be mistaken with a small business trying its luck, Berkley is a US-based company that has used a brand-new production development to bring this line to the market. The end result is superb, a supple hard to spot main line with ultra-high abrasion-resistant properties. Heavy, it sinks like a proverbial brick helping you gain a true line lay direct to your rig and lead arrangement.

The CF600 is available in five breaking strains – 10lb (0.30mm), 12lb (0.34mm), 15lb (0.38mm), 18lb (0.40mm) and 20lb (0.45mm) – on a 1,200m spool for just £49.99.


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Berkley Connect CB2000 Braid Last but by no means least is my favourite. I’m a little biased because I am a very big advocate of fishing with braided main lines, but I can only speak with any real conviction from my experience.

The benefits of using such a line are extensive. Direct contact, superb at range and great to cast, but you do have to spend a little more time looking after these lines to get the most from them. Described as the “ultimate braided main line” the CB2000 utilises 100 per cent Dyneema PE fibres that have been seamlessly spun together, providing you with an absolutely zero stretch, zero water absorption main line, offering a tough yet castable option.

Breaking strains range from 25lb at a ridiculously low 0.25mm diameter, right the way through to a hefty 80lb and a really impressive 0.40mm. This is one line that I believe you can not only fish with but in the right strengths could be used to marker and spod, allowing you to finally use the same lines on your fishing rods as well as your spodding and feature-finding sticks. Available on 900m spools for a respectable £89.99. This might appear expensive but that is purely because the other lines mentioned also boast such good value for money. Typically, braided lines are much, much dearer. This is the one I will be looking to use for the foreseeable future and will hopefully have a more in-depth used and abused for you to read next month.


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DAN MURRELL’s VERDICT “A super impressive range of lines for every situation.”


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