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Tackle Tuesday... Chub X-TRA Protection Carp Care Range

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Tackle Tuesday... Chub X-TRA Protection Carp Care Range

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BIG WIN FOR THE CARP! Chub’s X-TRA Protection range is really good news for our quarry – they’ve never been so well looked after!

We’re impressed with the carp care range that Chub has assembled, like, really, really impressed. The North-East tackle giant could have simply chosen some off-the-peg products from the Far East and punted them out cheap. Instead though, it has actually developed kit that is unique, and moves carp care forward.

If there were ever a part of the industry that needs plenty of fresh innovation, then it’s the carp care sector. Competition drives innovation, and we’re sure that with new-product drops like these from Chub will only inspire other companies to raise their game. Who knows, it might inspire tackle firms to pull R&D money away from easy-sell tackle, and onto securing the safe future for the carp that we all covet. Now that would be a great thing to behold! Let’s take a closer look at a selection of the tackle that’s just changed the face of carp care…


Chub X-TRA Protection Cradle Those of you who love a belt-and-braces mat will get on well with this one. It’s a cradle-style mat, which ensures that the fish stays put on the mat, even if it gets a bit lively! The X-TRA Protection Cradle folds flat for transport, which is a huge edge, and other notable features include unique arm slots to help you control the carp more easily, side pockets for your carp care kit, an integrated kneeling mat, padded transportation straps and a waterproof bag. See, we told you it was belt-and-braces!

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Chub X-TRA Protection Oxygen Flotation Sling Now this is a clever bit of kit. If you feel that you absolutely HAVE to retain a fish in warm conditions, or in weedy swims (which we don’t recommend) then you need to have this sling. Why? Because warm, weedy water can hold less oxygen than cooler, weed-free water, and this sling comes with its own oxygen pump to keep your quarry in tip-top condition. In terms of fish care, this is next level!

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Chub X-TRA Protection Flotation Zip Sack This clever hybrid allows you to choose how best to retain your catch, without having to take multiple retainers. Want a floating sling? Leave the flotation bars attached. Feel that the situation calls for a conventional sack? Simply remove the flotation bars and you can allow the fish to find its own level. Crucially, the sling comes with a hi-viz marker float attached, so should the worst happen and the sack breaks free from your cord, you can find it again.

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Chub X-TRA Protection Uplifter Cradle If you prefer a rigid cradle mat that can be lifted up towards you (it helps if you’re… how do we say… less flexible!), then this is the baby for you. It features four adjustable legs, which allow you to get the mat off the deck, and perfectly level. The frame is well padded (essential) and there’s a handy drainage hole to ensure that you don’t end up with a swimming pool to contend with.

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