Tackle Tuesday… Daiwa G50 Pole

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Tackle Tuesday… Daiwa G50 Pole

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The workhorse wonder - Tom Scholey takes to the bank with Daiwas new G50 and leaves knowing that he has found a keeper!

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to be invited up to Daiwas manufacturing plant in Wishaw, Scotland. To say it was an eye-opener would be an understatement. Frankly, I didn't believe a factory of that scale, size and mechanism existed in the UK!

The G50 is the cheapest 16m pole that is manufactured in the UK and I was really looking forward to getting on the bank with it. I must admit that I also had a slight vested interest. For the kind of fishing that I do, I love poles in this price bracket - they are generally a tad stronger than models at the very top of the range and the spares are far more affordable.

It's predecessor; the G20, certainly had a reputation for strength. A few of my friends fish with them and have only kind words to say about the family.


Retailing for £1,000, the new G50 package comes with a choice of two packages. This is a theme that runs throughout the top-end pole range and allows anglers to select either more match kits or more power kits. One option gives you four match kits and two power kits, while the other gives you four power kits and two match kits. With most anglers now specialising in a select style of fishing or venue, I am sure this will prove very popular.

One word came to mind as I took the pole from the supplied holdall - quality! I am not sure whether it is just my staunch patriotism but knowing that it is made in the UK does add a certain feeling of class to the product. The 16m, 14.5m, 13m and 11.5m No.8 sections all feature the famous Diamond Satin finish, which flies through the hands, while the rest boast the Slide Easy finish, which again makes the pole a joy to use.

I wasn't at all disappointed with the wall strengths. Assembling the sections, it felt like a super-strong tool!


At 13 metres it was nothing short of outstanding. For sure, not the lightest pole, but in terms of stiffness and strength there aren't many better. Likewise, as the 14.5m and 16m sections were added it remained exceptional, considering its modest price point.

The strength was never in question but I was very keen to test how responsive it was at its full length of 16 metres; if anything lets down mid range poles, sometimes this is it.

After taking a few fish short I went out to 16 metres, fishing a 4mm expander pellet on the hook and feeding micro pellets. This is a great test for a pole because it tests a number of key qualities. If it is too floppy you will have difficulty shipping your bait out without it bouncing your pellets out of your pole pot, or shaking your pellet off. Also, hitting bites.

It takes a responsive pole to lift into delicate bites at 16 metres but keep your pellet intact to lower back in should the culprit not be hooked. Again, the pole passed with flying colours.

I cannot give the G50 higher praise then to say that I have asked Daiwa to send me one for my own use. It strikes me as a real workhorse, a pole that can do everything.


Tech Spec – Daiwa G50

More Power Kits Package – 16m pole, four interlastic power kits, two match top-three kits, Super 4th section, Tournament cupping kit, holdall.

More Match Kits Package – 16m pole, two interlastic power kits, four match top-three kits, Super 4th section, Tournament cupping kit, holdall.

Features - Diamond satin finish, integrated taping system.

Stated Length - 16m Actual Length - 16.825m (with PHEX ext) Match-Kit Length - 3.16m Top-4 Length - 4.65m Top-5 Length - 6.25m Puller Kits Fitted - Yes (in Interlastic power kits) Pre-Bushed - No Cupping Kit Supplied - Yes Holdall Supplied - Yes Butt Section Length - 1.76m Butt Diameter (widest) - 4.8cm

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