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Tackle Tuesday… Fox Micron Bite Alarm Presentation Sets

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Tackle Tuesday… Fox Micron Bite Alarm Presentation Sets

Fox Micron MR+ & MXR+ Bite Alarm Presentation Sets

There’s no doubt that Fox have always been a company associated with producing quality bite alarms, through the years they have always been at the forefront of innovation as well as design and technology.

What do you think about when you hear the words Fox & Bite Alarms in the same sentence? Well for me it’s the word Micron!

The Micron alarm series was first introduced many years ago and instantly took the bite alarm market by storm; finally a company had released an alarm which was compact, stylish, full of features and at a very competitive price.

It’s a great testament to the micron range that they are still being produced, sold and used today, by thousands of anglers nationwide.

In fact here at Angling Direct I would say they are and have been one of our best selling bite alarms over the last decade.

Now the reason for this blog post isn’t for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, it is in fact because the Fox Micron has been transformed!  Don’t worry it’s not lost any of its original appeal, it’s still the same old hearty alarm, but now it’s gone remote!

Following huge demand from anglers across the globe Fox have now made these highly popular alarms available with built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology so that they work with a receiver!  That’s right folks you can now purchase Mr+ and MXr+ alarms in 2-rod. 3-rod and 4-rod presentation sets whilst the heads will also be available separately to allow you to convert a 2-rod setup into a 3-rod setup and a 3-rod setup into a 4-rod.

Fox-Micron-MX-R-Presentation-SetsFox Micron MXr+ Presentation Set

For those of you that love the Mr+ sets but desire higher specifications you’ll be pleased to hear that Fox have launched the MXr+ alarms that also feature the built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology that makes them compatible with the MXr+ Receiver. The MXr+ alarms share many features in common with the Mr+ such as weatherproof sealed case, top quality digital circuitry, low battery drain, D-Tec Sensing System, CNC machined ‘Tru Run’ roller wheel, adjustable volume and a power out socket but in addition you will also find adjustable Tone and a Dual Step Sensitivity control, allowing you to make the alarm more or less sensitive depending on the situation you are faced with.

The Mxr+ alarms also feature a top quality Cone Speaker for enhanced sound quality. As with the receiver on the Mr+ Fox have achieved ranges in excess of 200m in testing but are keen to re-iterate that they do not condone anglers being so far away from their rods. This signal strength is purely in place to ensure that no matter what the weather conditions or terrain of your swim you will get a clear signal transmitted back to your receiver at all times when in and around your swim.

Buy The Fox Micron MXr+ Alarm Set Fox-Micron-Presentation-Sets-5 Fox-Micron-MR-Presentation-SetsFox Micron Mr+ Presentation Set

The Mr+ is a true entry level bite alarm set as for the first time ever you can pick up a set of 3 brand new Fox alarms with a receiver for less than £200 thanks to the great introductory launch price on offer of just £199.99! The Mr+ features a weatherproof sealed case along with top quality digital circuitry. It also features Fox’s unique D-Tec Sensing System, and CNC Machined ‘Tru Run’ roller wheel, which is found on the company’s top-end N-series of alarms. You will find a power out socket at the rear of the alarm, which allows illuminated swingers to be plugged whilst it also features low battery drain (requires 2 x AAA batteries), a Piezo speaker and adjustable volume control.

Due to the built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology the Mr+ has its own dedicated receiver that too features a weatherproof sealed case and top quality digital circuitry along with low battery drain (takes 3 x AA batteries). This Mr+ Receiver is very easy to sync with the alarm heads and in testing has worked in range in excess of 200m, however, Fox never condone being this far away from your rods, but what this does mean is that you have a very strong signal strength should you have heavy foliage between yourself and your rods.

Buy The Fox Micron Mr+ Alarm Set

Both Mr+ and MXr+ presentation sets come supplied in a hardwearing plastic case with foam inserts. They also come supplied with a screw driver and receiver lanyard. Fox-Micron-Presentation-Sets-2 Fox-Micron-Presentation-Sets-3
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