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Tackle Tuesday- Hinders Elips Full Range

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Tackle Tuesday- Hinders Elips Full Range

As barbel season approaches you may want to consider adding a new bait to your technique this year to really encourage those bottom feeders to the surface of the river and into your swim.

To help, Hinders has released its Elips series of baits, especially targeted for specialist angling.

Within the range you have the Hinders Elips Pellets that comes in two sizing options of small (approx 4mm), or large (approx 10mm). These Pellets are cylindrical shape and sport the original Hinders recipe, giving them the status of the ‘Rolls Royce’ for barbel and carp hook baits.

Another perfect hookbait from the series is the Hinders Elips X Hard Dumbells. These come in 90g tubs of either mini (10mm x 14mm) or midi (12mm x 16mm) sizing. The air-dried bait is not attractive to the small nuisance fish following barbel ensuring you land a big specimen with confidence.

The series is also featuring regular Dumbells, again in mini and midi sizing but offering easy hair rigging method pellets that are loaded in Elips oils and are high in fishmeal making them incredibly desirable to fish.

If that was not enough, the Elips range of barbel baits also include paste to be wrapped around your pellets, boilies and hookbaits as well as Hinders Elips Oi. The oil attractant comes in a 250ml bottle and is great for topping up the scent of your bait as well as adding to your swim for some instant attraction for those hungry barbels in the cooler months.

Great bait can really make all the difference and with the winter season looking like a chilly one, kit yourself out with some bait that is sure to make your trip to the lake worthwhile!

Buy the Hinders Elips Full Range here

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