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Tackle Tuesday- Lowrance Fish Hunter Pro 3D

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Tackle Tuesday- Lowrance Fish Hunter Pro 3D

A castable fish finder that gives dynamic, 3D views of all your subsurface activity, this Tri-Frequency design is an enhanced version of the Fish Hunter Pro.

With no need to use up your data, the Fish Hunter gives you a reliable WiFi feed of everything that's happening on your venue, straight to your smartphone, allowing you to see what's happening, and just how you need to tailor your approach, right in the palm of your hand.

Featuring a unique buoy-like design, the Fish Hunter Pro can operate at up to 160ft, and the impressive technology that's packed into this handy piece of kit allows you to create custom maps of your swim, marking way points, etc on the Fish Hunter app, which is available to download from the IOS or Google Play stores, and can be run on almost all modern smartphones.

Anglers can also pull the FishHunter 3D transducer behind their boat to create custom Bathymetric and structure maps of favourite fishing spots or an entire lake.

Multiple Fishing Views, See how fish are relating to changes in bottom contours with FishHunter's 3D Fishing View, quickly check water depth and the location of fish relative to the FishHunter 3D with Directional Casting View, or find fish under the ice with the optimised Ice Fishing View.

Tri-Frequency Coverage, FishHunter 3D features five tri-frequency transducers, each supporting 381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz frequencies.

FishHunter App, Log catches, waypoints, follow your friends and even live stream catches around the world with the free FishHunter app, available from the IOS App and Google Play Stores.

Built in LED  lights allow you to use the Fish Hunter Pro 3D at night, and in low light conditions, giving you year round performance for all your angling needs.

Whatever you're looking for in a fish finder, find it in the Lowrance Fish Hunter Pro 3D; order yours online today, or head to your local Angling Direct store, and enjoy the enhanced performance that a dedicated fish finder can offer.

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