Tackle Tuesday... Mainline Power Particles

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Tackle Tuesday... Mainline Power Particles

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PARTICLE THEORY, MAINLINE STYLE! After building an empire on premium boilies, Essex bait giant, Mainline, takes on the prepared particle market!

When we heard that Mainline supremos Kev Knight and Steve Morgan were about to launch prepared particles, we had to wonder why it took them so long. Then we remembered that they don’t do stuff by halves! To earn the Mainline stripes, a bait must excel in theory and in testing; failure in either of those areas means it’s for the chop, and the Power+ Particles are no different. Kev and Steve have invested decades of experience into this range, so we’re expecting fireworks!


More particles! You need convincing, right? These are not your run-of-the-mill prepared particles. You’ve got three main mixes: Hemp, The Pulse and The Spomb, as well as tigers on their own (more of which later). Here’s the rub – all the mixes are infused with either Multi-Stim, Cell or Essential Cell, which immediately elevates them to a whole new level!

You love Spombing? You’ll love these then… Use them all separately, or mix ‘em for maximum impact! The Hemp jars make a great base for any spod mix, although the mixing has already been done for you with The Pulse (an awesome carpet feed). The Spomb range drags fish to your bait from all levels, thanks to micro particles, enhancers and liquid stimulants that hang in the water column.

Like a tiger? Then you’ll love the jars of growlers that Mainline make. The natural allure of a sweet tiger, combined with the awesome pulling power of a Mainline liquid attractant? We’re in.

They’re PVA-friendly The undoubted cherry on the top comes in the shape of the Power+ Particles PVA friendliness. Use them to load solid bags, or make small mesh bags and they won’t melt a thing, which is bloody handy.

Feel free to customise! For even more impact, supercharge your particles with Mainline Particle & Pellet Syrups, or whichever liquid attractant you like to put your own stamp on what is already looking a lot like a hell of a particle range!

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