Tackle Tuesday - RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Duo IR

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Tackle Tuesday - RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Duo IR

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A year on from launch, one bivvy light is still leaving the others in the dark…

RIDGEMONKEY’S BIVVY light 2.0, the Multi Lite Duo IR is still our number one choice for lighting the shelter, seeing off all comers in the last 12-months. It’s not hard to see why: RidgeMonkey took the ground-breaking Bivvy Lite IR and refined it, giving us the most complete interior light going. Why do we still love it so much? Here’s five good reasons…

1. It’s rechargeable We know, this is a game-changer. No more scratching about for spare batteries when you realise that your bivvy light is dead (it’s almost always dark by the time you realise this too, right?) Simply hook it up to your nearest power source (more on this later) and you’re back in action. Of course, if you’re more organised, you’ll just occasionally charge it at home or in the car on the way!

2 It doesn’t mind the wet too much One of the big improvements that RidgeMonkey made to its original bivvy light was to make it water-resistant. We mean, we do live in the UK, so almost everything you take fishing will inevitably get wet at some stage. So, you can now use the Multi to light your catch shots at night, in the drizzle, without worrying too much!

3 You can see how much charge is left A clever little display on the end of the light shows you just how much charge you’ve got left in the blighter, thus helping you to avoid having to recharge the light on the bank. Should you check every now and again, you need never pull a dead light from the deepest recesses of your rucksack.

4 We’re lazy! You too? Yep, thought so, especially when the traps are laid, and the chill of a winter night is drawing in all around? So, you can switch your Multi Lite IR on or off using a handy little remote, all from the comfort and warmth of your sleeping bag. It’s a tiny thing too, so it won’t take up precious room in the bag either.

5 You can charge it off your Vault battery! You check the battery display and notice that it’s running a little low, but you’re on the bank? Problem? Nope, there’s no problem here. That’s because, like us (and the rest of the carp world), you’ve invested in a Vault power bank, and you’re simply going to plug your Multi Lite into it, via a humble USB cable, and sit back sporting a smug grin as it does its thing, keeping you in the light.

Key Features - The remote version is a standalone upgraded unit - Remote fob will not work with the standard Bivvy Lite Duo - The battery life remains similar to that of the standard - Bright Red: 6-7 hours - Bright White: 9-10 hours - Dim Red: 70-75 hours - Dim White: 110-120 hours

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