Thursday Focus- Cygnet Weigh Staff V2

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Thursday Focus- Cygnet Weigh Staff V2

Cygnet Weigh Staff V2

With this new and improved design, the Cygnet Easylift Weigh Staff v2 is the ideal assistant for safely weighing a prized catch. Comprising a stronger 6ft one-piece handle, a stainless-steel curved weigh hook, and large diameter ground spike to ensure the most stable foundation for weighing.

It’s finished with an ergonomic rippled EVA hand grip at the top and EVA protector cap for the ground spike. The weigh hook itself can be removed for storage, and is easily re-attached to the stainless steel laser-etched collar.

The other end has a tip to be able to plant the butt of the handle in the ground for increased stability. EVA protection is provided so as not to damage your luggage.

Whether you're on your own and need a pivot point to support the weighing or your catch is on the rather large side and you need a accurate reading, the Cygnet Weigh Staff V2 is the ideal solution.

Eliminating needle shake and the possibility of struggling to lift your catch, this handy accessory is one that doesn't take up a lot of room but would be sadly missed.

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