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Thursday Focus- Daiwa Crossfire Reels

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Thursday Focus- Daiwa Crossfire Reels

If you’re in the market for a compact, lightweight spinning reel, perfect for impromptu trips to your local stretch of water with minimal gear, the Daiwa Crossfire range could be the perfect accomplice on your next trip.

Available in an array of colourways, the Crossfire range is one of the better-looking compact reels on the marketplace; gunmetal grey accented with canary yellow, black and red with silver detailing, a blackout all black variant and a black and gold option. You are also able to tailor your approach depending on venue and target species, with the Crossfire range coming in various sizes, 2500, 3000 and 4000.

Cosmetics aside, the Daiwa reel, as you’d expect, is equally impressive technically. The body and rotor are constructed from graphite, offering tremendous strength, the Crossfire reels will not warp under stress giving you peace of mind in case you do hook a bigger fish, the construction quality from Daiwa will perform above its means. Despite the reels toughness, its compact and lightweight design compliments spinning beautifully, clearly spinning is one of the move active fishing disciplines and an afternoon of retrieving and re-casting can take its toll, so a lightweight design is essential.

One of the reasons the Crossfire reels are so light can be attributed to its aluminium handle and spool, the handle is machine cut to avoid weak spots in its structure. The spool increases in diameter towards the top of the spool, working in conjunction with Daiwa’s Twistbuster II technology in order to combat cones and tangles forming on cast – a feature both the novice and expert angler will appreciate.

Some of the finer details include an ergonomically designed ABS grip, a comfortable grip is of paramount importance when spinning due to the frequency of its use. Elsewhere, the Crossfire range features Infinite Anti-Reverse and Daiwa’s Digigear II technology. All in all, a very well equipped and well designed reel from Daiwa, especially at its price point, but the striking colourways available and high-quality finish is the crowning glory of the Crossfire range.

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