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Thursday Focus- Mitchell Full Runner MX6 Reel

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Thursday Focus- Mitchell Full Runner MX6 Reel

Big Runs Under Control With The Mitchell Full Runner MX6 Reel


Setting you up in style, this compact free spool reel from Mitchell boasts a braid-ready spool, which allows braided lines to be tied directly to the spool, saving you time and hassle when you're gearing up for a challenging session. This also makes it easier for novice anglers to get to grips with using braid, as the braid-ready spool design means you don't need to use monofilament to support the braid.


Corrosion resistant ball bearings and a strong, polymeric body come together to create a durable reel that will fish well on a range of venues, giving you the best chance of landing a new PB, and achieving all your angling ambitions next season.


The stylish, traditionally designed rosewood handle folds down easily, making it easier to fit your Mitchell Full Runner into a reel pouch, which gives you peace of mind as you barrow down to your favourite swim.


Carp anglers will be impressed with the short, compact body, which packs a powerhouse of balanced strength, while predator anglers may find, coupled with the the braid-ready spool, that this reel adds a pleasant touch of manoeuvrability to their set up, with the corrosion resistant design standing up well to all the elements.


Running Start


Designed to provide a good balance to almost any rod, this compact reel from Mitchell is well suited to novice and experienced anglers alike. While those with a few more sessions under their wading belt will appreciate the carpy look and compact power of the Full Runner MX6, novice anglers will benefit from the easy-to-use free spool design, and the fact that braid lines can simply be tied straight onto the spool.


Key Features:


. Strong, compact polymeric body

. One touch folding handle

. Rosewood handle knob

. Braid ready spool

. 4+1 corrosion-resistant ball bearings

. Free spool design


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