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Thursday Focus- Sonik Armatek 60 Brolly

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Thursday Focus- Sonik Armatek 60 Brolly

Super Sonik!

Designed to withstand the very worst of the elements, the Sonik Armatek 60 Brolly comes with an impressive 20,000mm hydrostatic head, giving you complete waterproof protectionno matter how bad the weather gets out on the bank.

Created to a space saver compact hub design, this impressive brolly features a unique Tri-Pole clip in support system that gets your shelter set up quickly, and offers ultimate bankside stability in any weather. A flat back profile maximises the internal space, allowing you to put your bedchair right to the rear of the bankside shelter, giving you more room for your tackle, carryall, and other luggage and essentials.

The front panel can be zipped off in warmer weather, while adjustable air vents and a clip in vapour guard work to limit damp and condensation, and keep your shelter feeling and smelling fresh, no matter how many days you've been bivvied up at the lake.

Three layer construction gives you an impressive level of action-ready durability, while the front drip guard means you can set up in the doorway of your bivvy during a downpour, and stay dry and comfortable throughout your session.

Armatek Into Action

For active campaign carp anglers who regularly find themselves setting up for several days at a time in pursuit of that perfect specimen, a bivvy such as the Sonik Armatek gives a home from home feel, with space for everything you're ever likely to need to make your session a success.

With twice the waterproof protection of most bivvies on the market, and a rugged durability that can handle any terrain and all conditions, the Sonik Armatek 60 is a great base for anglers looking to take their fishing to the next level.

Key Features:

. Removable, 2-way letterbox door

. 20,000mm hydrostatic head

. Tri-Pole clip in support

. Flat back profile

. Front drip guard

. Adjustable air vents

. Removable vapour guard

. Reinforced 3-layer protection at key wear points

. Ideal for campaign carp anglers

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