The 7 Best Fishing Rods - AD Review 2023

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The 7 Best Fishing Rods - AD Review 2023

Are you an avid angler looking for a new fishing rod to take your hobby to the next level? Or are you just getting into fishing and trying to find the perfect rod that fits your needs and budget? Either way, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the best fishing rods currently available in the UK. 

We'll go over different types of rods, their prices, how they should be used and other important buying considerations. So if you're ready, let's get started on finding that perfect rod for your next great angling adventure!

Best Carp Fishing Rod

Daiwa Emcast Carp Fishing Rods


Reasons to Buy:

+ Blank diameter & finish (which is more common on higher-priced rods)

+ Excellent sensitivity

+ Impressive casting


Daiwa Emcast Carp Fishing Rods in nature by a lake Daiwa Emcast Carp Fishing Rods in nature by a lake

Daiwa Emcast Carp Fishing Rods provide a slim but powerful casting experience. It features a matt low-glare carbon finish to both the butt and tip sections, a Fuji DPS reel seat with stylish red trim on top and bottom, a Seaguide XYT guide fitted with LS Ceramic Rings plus an EVA fore grip complete with a sleek red aluminium ring - all of this topped off by 50mm double leg guides (single leg intermediates). Get your perfect catch today with this fishing carp rod.



You Need a Carp Rod for Carp Fishing

A carp rod like the Emcast Carp Rod is powerful and made for bottom baits and carp battles. Try getting the Emcast as a 12ft rod length with a 2.5 lb-3.5 lb test curve and be sure to pair your carp rod with at least 2 more rods so that you can cast out 3/4 carp rigs into one swim.

Best Feeder Fishing Rod

Advanta X3 Feeder Fishing Rod


Reasons to Buy:

+ 2-piece format for easy, ready-tackled storage

+ Suits silverfish applications with groundbait / maggot feeders

+ Forgiving tip section

Advanta X3 Feeder Fishing Rod UK Advanta X3 Feeder Fishing Rod UK


Advanta X3 Feeder rods offer the kind of versatile performance expected from much higher-priced products, also providing quality carbon blanks, line guides, cork/EVA handles and state-of-the-art reel seats. The X3 is an ideal feeder rod for short to medium casts on commercial fisheries.

These compact two-piece rods are perfect for ready tackled storage, so you get to maximise your fishing time when out on the bank. All the feeder rods in the range are supplied with 1oz and 2oz quivertips, covering bomb, groundbait, maggot, pellet and method feeder tactics. Great for coarse anglers!

Best Fishing Rod for Beginners

Abu Garcia Tormentor Spinning Fishing Rod


Reasons to Buy:

+ Ideal for both novice and experienced anglers

+ Smooth and responsive LTS SIC guides

Abu Garcia Tormentor Spinning Fishing RodAbu Garcia Tormentor Spinning Fishing Rod

Simple to use and good for a variety of fishing venues, this spinning rod from Abu Garcia is a great first rod for the ultimate fishing experience. Crafted from powerful 24T Carbon in slim blanks and a semi-progressive action. Featuring a quality, premium-grade cork handle and an ergonomic reel seat boasting of trendy appearance, you'll be equipped like a pro to catch your next trophy! Plus get it all delivered fresh in its luxe rod sleeve for added protection!

Best Float Fishing Rod

Fox EOS Pro Fishing Rods


Reasons to Buy:

+ Perfect for float tactics

+ Lightweight construction

+ Casting the line is smooth and easy

Fox EOS Pro Fishing Rods Fox EOS Pro Fishing Rods


The Fox EOS Pro Rods provide an optimal combination of lightweight and durability, making them ideal for any angler looking to make the most out of their fishing experience. These rods possess Slik Air guides, anti-frap tip guide technology and a high-quality 18mm reel seat that ensure proper connection between your line and reel - a great choice for float tactics or on-the-go anglers!


Are Fox EOS rods any good?

The Fox EOS Pro Rods are a great balance of affordability and power. You'll be able to confidently cast far for those hard-to-reach carp, or take advantage of the slightly larger option with 50mm butt ring if you'd like an extra bit of reach. No matter which size is right for your needs, these rods won't let you down!

Best Barbel Fishing Rod

Korum Barbel Fishing Rods

Reasons to Buy:

+ Packs down into two equal pieces

+ Perfect for the modern big-fish river angler

+ White tips for bite detection

Korum Barbel Fishing Rods by the water Korum Barbel Fishing Rods by the water

Are you an avid river angler in search of the perfect barbel rod? Look no further than Korum's barbel rod collection! They've crafted this range with eight years of development and upgrades so that it can handle whatever big-fish challenge comes your way. Enjoy a satisfyingly powerful action for retrieving those hefty feeders or long rigs - capture impressive specimens to add to your trophy bank today!


Best Pike Fishing Rod

Daiwa Ninja Lure Fishing Rod


Reasons to Buy:

+ Perfect for battling sea bass

+ Ideal for other predator fish species

+ Drop shotting possibilities 

Daiwa Ninja Lure Fishing Rod being used Daiwa Ninja Lure Fishing Rod being used

Daiwa Ninja Lure Fishing Rod is ready to help you reel in that big catch! From freshwater and saltwater shore fishing, or daring deep-sea surf excursions, this rod offers premium performance for every angler. Unleash your inner angler with the Daiwa Ninja Lure, sea fishing rod.

Made of a strong, durable carbon blank and featuring an effortless to-handle reel seat for maximizing comfort during long casts, this rod offers both 7ft and 8ft sizes in different casting weights – 5-25g and 7-28g.

Best Stalking Rod

Nash Dwarf Cork Fishing Rods


Reasons to Buy:

+ Premium cork handle feel

+ Designed to cope with all mainstream carping

+ Used for stalking, freelining & margin fishing

Nash Dwarf Cork Fishing Rods in action Nash Dwarf Cork Fishing Rods in action

Nash Dwarf Cork Rods are the perfect combination of sleek and striking aesthetics, with lightweight carbon blanks paired with traditional cork handles. Choose from 6ft, 9ft or 10ft models and test curves ranging from 1lb-3.25lbs for angling in any situation! With Nash rods, you're guaranteed a piece of equipment that is designed to last - reliable quality crafted by creative visionaries promises an exceptional fishing experience every time!

How Do You Pick the Right Size Fishing Rod

All of these rods come in different lengths, test curves, and casting weights. In general, a 7-foot rod is a good length for beginners. Remember to choose the right rod size based on your needs, the type of fishing you plan to do, the species you are seeking, and your fishing environment when you are choosing your rod size. 



With our list of the 7 Best Fishing Rods in the UK, you now have all the information you need to pick out the perfect fishing rod for 2023! From spinning rods to lightweight carp rods, there's something here that will fit any angler's needs—and any budget too! 

Do you not see the right fishing rod for you in this lineup? You can shop telescopic fishing rods, fly fishing rods, kids fishing rods and more at the online Angling Direct fishing tackle shop. Complete your fishing rod collection with a fishing reel, fishing rod bag or fishing rod stand too! So, what are you waiting for? Buy a rod from Angling Direct's collection today.

Fishing Rod Licence

Before you head off to your fishing session, be sure you pick up the correct rod licence. All the rules and regulations surrounding fishing licences can be found in our guide.

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