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Wednesday Review-10ft Wychwood Extricator Rod

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Wednesday Review-10ft Wychwood Extricator Rod

Exceptional Extricating Power

Wychwood are a brand that bring a little magic to angling, and this powerful boat fishing rod is no exception.

Stylishly designed, with the choice of either a classic cork handle that offers a light,  bouncy, and balanced feel, or a durable EVA option for contemporary performance, the 10ft Extricator is the perfect rod for all your attempts to tame the world beneath the waves.

Having the right rod is the first, and most basic, step to achieving your angling ambitions, so let's take a closer look at the Wychwood Extricator.

10ft Wychwood Extricator Rod


Designed in response to increasing demand for a specifically designed boat work rod, the 10ft Wychwood Extricator is built for manoeuvrability, with a balanced feel and effortless handling in the strongest swells.

Whether you're battling big fish or big tides, the Extricator is a rod designed to get you out of tricky situations ahead of the game, with the catch you'd set out in search of, and comes onto the bank effortlessly, putting you ahead of the game when it comes to achieving the impressive commercial catches that lurk in the margins.

Angling evolves, and tactics emerge that can be game changers for those across the range of disciplines; because of its robust, durable design, and a manufacturing process that has to take a wide range of hostile elements and environments into account, tackle that's designed for sea fishing can often give the most effective performance back on land, too, particularly when it comes to carp fishing.

Stylish, practical, and designed to be the only rod you'll ever need, the Wychwood Extricator gets you out of trouble, and into angling success.

Key Features:

-Comprehensive rod for boat or heavy carp fishing - Choice of cork or EVA handle - 10ft

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