Wednesday Review- 500 Bait Boat

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Wednesday Review- 500 Bait Boat


A Little Bait Can Go A Long Way

If you’re fishing short sessions on large waters, or you simply want to have the peace of mind of knowing that, however poor your casting, you can get a bait drop out to feature points, or the far margins, then the Fishing People Baiting 500 Bait Boat could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Carrying up to 500g of bait, with a range of 200ms, and capable of covering that distance at 1metre per second fully loaded, this smaller bait boat is perfect when boating out your bait isn’t your main tactic, but it is one you want to hold in reserve.

Front and rear LED running lights mean you can use this nifty little bait boat on your night sessions, as well as in the low light conditions of winter evenings.  Running for 1.5hrs on a full charge (which takes approximately 7hrs), this bait boat is perfect if your fishing is currently limited to a couple of hours after work.

Supplied ready to run, with a 2.4ghz radio system on board, all you need to take your bait effortlessly out to any point across the water are the four AA alkaline batteries that power the transmitter.


Why Buy?

Bait boats are handy accessories when you’re  fishing larger or feature-rich venues, as they allow you to bait up spots you just can’t cast to, quickly and easily, with no spilled or wasted bait.

A bait boat can also be used to lay a trail of groundbait from a sheltered spot, such as an island, back to your swim, hopefully bringing the action to you, and getting the pace picked up from the very start of your session.

Buying a smaller bait boat makes sense if you generally fish shorter sessions, or haven’t used a bait boat before, and want to be sure the tactic works for you, and works with your angling.

With everything you need to get going, other than a simple pack of batteries you can buy anywhere, the Fishing People 500 is a good starter bait boat for any carp angler.


Key Features:

. 1.5hr run time from 7hr charge

. 200m range, covered at 1m/s fully loaded

. 500g bait load

. 2.4ghz radio system on board

. Front and rear LED lights make this bait boat suitable for night sessions

. Ready to run; just buy 4 AA alkaline batteries for transmitter

. Great for shorter sessions, and anglers new to using a bait boat.

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