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Wednesday Review... Aqua Tristar Sleeves

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Wednesday Review... Aqua Tristar Sleeves

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… Carpology-Logo-Blog

AQUA’S GOT YOU COVERED! If you trust one company with your pride and joy carbons, then it’s Aqua, right? Its Tristar sleeves really do define protection…

If you’re serious about your angling then you’ll either have seriously expensive kit, or battered, trusted kit that you know like the back of your hand. Either way, you’re not going to stand by and let it come to harm, right? Luckily for you, Aqua feels the same, as its Tristar holdall range proves…

1.) Padded throughout So the whole point of these rod sleeves is that your sticks are totally protected. So, you’ll be pleased to know that the protection is maintained inside the sleeve, as well as outside. Decent padding will mean that even if you knock the rods, or they fall off the barrow, you should be safe!

2.) The BEST materials Aqua has long been known for using the impressive Endura fabric, which will add years to the lifespan of your sleeve. It’s rugged and will happily resist even the most savage brambles and dog rose, as you drag your kit right into the heart of where you shouldn’t be…

3.) 50mm and big pit compatible As if to show us that they’re watching our every move (not in a creepy way, mind), the product bods at Aqua have responded to the glut of 50mm ringing and big pit winches that we so love and made their sleeves swallow the lot, easily. What’s more, Aqua also makes a 13ft version, for those brutally expensive carbons!


4.) All the trimmings Looking past the most important attributes of the Tristar Sleeves, you can see the depth of attention to detail that Aqua can muster. The handles all fold flat and there are pockets exactly where you need them to be; a landing net pocket along the spine and bankstick pocket near the base.

5.) Relax, it’s Aqua Two words: build quality. Chunky zips and robust pullers look like they’ll last every bit as long as the rest of the sleeve and the stitching and webbing components are all executed perfectly. With a valuable heritage to protect, Aqua is going all-out to make sure the Black Label kit consistently exceeds

Key Features - Endura fabric - #10 Zips throughout - ell-padded and lined - Compatible with 50mm butt rings - Compatible with big pits - Fold flat handles - Comfortable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap

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