Wednesday Review… Maver Signature 1000 Pole

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Wednesday Review… Maver Signature 1000 Pole

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Signature Supremecy - Matt Godfrey hits the rally track with Maver's hottest top-end engine - the Signature 1000!

On a recent trip to Maver Uk at it's Redditch showrooms I had a real shock when I was handed it's flagship pole, the Signature 1000, and can't repeat what I said.

Working for this magazine, I was astonished that I hadn't held this weapon before. At 13 metres I could pick it up with just one hand. I can honestly say that it's one of the lightest and stiffest poles I've ever held.

In a matter of minutes I was loading a full pole package into the back of my car and testing took place the following day at Monkhall fishery!

A pole like this is aimed at a very specific audience - the keenest pole anglers, but more likely match anglers who want a top performance tool. Consequently, I was keen to give it a good test at longer lengths. I've handled numerous top-end offerings and for one to really standout from the sea of great 13m poles, it has to impress me at 14.5m, 16m and beyond.

Maver Signature 1000 1

Starting at 14.5 metres, the Signature 1000 performed exceptionally. Theres little I can say other than it is one of the stiffest, most responsive and lightest poles I've ever held. The tiniest lift at my end resulted in an immediate and ultra-precise response.

Adding the 16m joint to fish right across to the far-bank reeds, very little changed.

The stiffness is unbelievable, and even with a slight crosswind the pole's balance and weight were shockingly impressive!

With it being so light and stiff, I was keen to make an assessment of it's strength. As you'd expect with such a top-class piece of kit, the walls are fairly thin but at the same time feel sturdy, with very little give. Fishing at the full 16 metres, I had several feisty carp try to snag me in the far-bank reeds.

In Pole Fishing style, I like to give the pole a thorough workout, using it exactly how I would in any intense match event, and it handled everything that I threw at it.

Maver Signature 1000 2

I can't go without mentioning the Fighting No5 and No6 sections that come supplied.

These are extra-durable with utmost wall strength and will be ideal when you're fishing in the margins or short on commercials when you need that extra reassuring durability for bagging!

The features and technology within this pole really shine through. Manufactured from a super-high 1,000-grade modulus Carbon Fibre, it is strengthened through use of STER (Super Toughened Epoxy Resins) and Nonolith technology. The finish makes it not only look but also feel the part, with a black Suncore Finish also providing strength.

The smoothness and speed that you can ship in and out is second to none, thanks to what Maver has the confidence to say is 'the best anti-friction finish in the world'.

I had a cheek-to-cheek smile every time I hooked a fish, but as a serious match angler, what kind of spares package would I be getting? It soon became apparent that it's pretty comprehensive! The new top-level power kits are lightweight and extra-rigid but still feel highly robust; they also come fitted with a quality slot for modern side-puller assistance and are pre-bushed. Four of these kits are provided with the pole, as well as two match top-three kits, two match top-four kits, a mini extension, Fighting No5 and No6 sections, a cupping kit, all in tubes within a Deluxe Maver Holdall.

Maver Signature 1000 3

The Signature 1000 is a real benchmark setter and anyone with the budget looking for a top-performance pole would be foolish not to check this out!

Tech Spec – Maver Signature 1000 Pole

Package – 16m Pole, two top three-kits, two top-four kits, four Powerlite slotted kits, mini extension, cupping kit and holdall.

Features - Fusion, Teflon joints, Magic steps, Nanolith technology, STER resins.

Stated Length - 16m Actual Length - 16.45m (with mini extension) Match-Kit Length - 3.17m Top-4 Length - 4.54m Top-5 Length - 5.97m Puller Kits Fitted - Yes Pre-Bushed - Yea Cupping Kit Supplied - Yes Holdall Supplied - Yes Butt Section Length - 1.76m Butt Diameter (widest) - 4.7cm

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