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Wednesday Review- RidgeMonkey Carbon Throwing Stick Matte Edition

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Wednesday Review- RidgeMonkey Carbon Throwing Stick Matte Edition

If you’re fishing at distance and feeding boilies over the top of your hook bait but an expensive bait boat isn’t an option, then perhaps a throwing stick could be a valuable addition to your angling war chest. There are several available on the market, different designs, plastic ones, carbon ones but none more ground-breaking than RidgeMonkey’s interpretation of the throwing stick.

Yes, that’s right, RidgeMonkey are back with the latest instalment of its Carbon Throwing Stick. The first version revolutionised the throwing stick market with its; carbon construction, radical teardrop shaped arm, oval handle, loading port and rubber bung.

The new adaptation of the RidgeMonkey Throwing Stick is no less revolutionary, the ground-breaking features of the first edition have been improved upon to produce the most ergonomically designed throwing stick on the market, to date.

Enhancing the structure of the previous edition, the new model is made from 3k woven carbon fibre, subsequently the throwing stick now weighs less than before meaning you can fling kilo after kilo of boilies to the horizon, without applying stress to your arm. You can certainly feel the difference between a carbon throwing stick and the more cumbersome plastic equivalents on the market.

Unlike other sticks on the market, the RidgeMonkey Matte Edition features a front-loading port, ensuring you can keep your eye on your target area whilst loading boilies, aiding your accuracy and muscle memory.

The handle is finished with stippled carbon fibre, this coupled with the oval shape of the handle you can be sure your grip won’t slip whilst shipping out boilies, again, improving accuracy.


The interior of the RidgeMonkey Carbon Stick has been redesigned to be quieter whilst in motion, even when its loaded with frozen boilies. Louder throwing sticks on the market have been known to attract bird life, who will swoop down and pilfer your offerings as they hit the water, but this is not the case with the subtle Matte Edition from RidgeMonkey.

The latest instalment from RidgeMonkey is finished in a sleek matte carbon fibre finish and is available in two sizes, 20mm and 26mm models, the length of which is 95cm and 107cm, respectively. Finally, the Throwing Stick Matte Edition comes complete with a stylish and robust carry case and a protective rubber bung, safeguarding against damage during transportation and whilst on the bank.

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