Wednesday Review... Rive D36 ST8 Mango seatbox

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Wednesday Review... Rive D36 ST8 Mango seatbox

Rive’s D36 seatboxes are hailed by many as the pinnacle. The sheer number of these out on thebankside tells its own story – for many a Rive is THE seatbox to own and to be seen using. This system utilises a 36mm leg, which offers superb stability and the extent of customisable variations and add-ons allows for the most bespoke setup you’re ever likely to need.

If you’re somebody who likes a bit of colour in your angling life then you’re going to love this Mango edition of the classic D36 ST8 seatbox, which comes complete with Rive’s very own HSP system and an inbuilt trolley.

Rive is France’s premier manufacturer of match fishing tackle and it is a brand that is committed to producing superior quality kit for the discerning modern angler.

This seatbox is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise and it provides everything you could want in terms of practicality, durability, and supreme comfort.

With four fully adjustable telescopic legs, which offer a range of height options between 420mm and 720mm, you can ensure that this seatbox is always pitched to the perfect height for your needs, as well as the conditions on the bank. For the long-limbed angler who is fed up with sitting hunched on ill-fitting boxes this is the perfect solution, as well as for anglers who regularly find their match fishing pegs boast uneven terrain.

The cushion on the Rive D36 ST8 is completely seamless, for your complete comfort, and is fitted with a pole heel. These features all ensure that you can sit square on, rather than twisted on your seat, significantly reducing the chance of strain.

Durability is important no matter what tackle item you’re investing in, but this can’t be truer than in an investment piece such as this. This is why Rive has manufactured this seatbox with the brand’s trademark HSP footplate. For too long footplates have been seen as a hindrance on the bank, usually because of their flimsy construction. With four supporting feet, your weight is distributed evenly over the HSP footplate, ensuring that you can put pressure through it with confidence when you’re bringing in a hard-fighting big fish, without worrying that you’re going to end up head first in the water or otherwise cause damage to your tackle.

What’s more, this footplate has been fitted with two quarter-turn locks. These allow it to be expertly positioned to suit your needs, as well as the needs of the bank, and they further aid with bankside comfort and protect the footplate from damage.

Finally, the Rive D36 ST8 Mango seatbox is exceptionally practical – after all, would you expect anything less from an expert company? It comes supplied with a 30mm side drawer, 30mm tray, and 30mm removable case. It also comes with a side tray and is fitted with an integrated trolley system. This revolutionises the way that you transport your seatbox to and from your peg. Instead of having to lug it over your shoulder, you can simply lift and push it to your swim. This virtually eliminates the risk that you’ll arrive at the bank with your back aching from transporting your tackle and it frees up your shoulders to transport other vital tackle items, such as your pole holdall.

Key Features - Aluminium frame - Seamless cushion with fixed pole heel - Side drawer 30 and Tray 30 - Removable case (tray 30) - 4 telescopic anodised colourless legs 420 / 720mm - 2 Set legs anodised colourless 420mm - HSP system with two quarter-turn locks - Allows 4 positions for the platform - Footplate protection - Rive shoulder strap - Side tray - Foam pole support - Deluxe pole support - Trolley

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