Wednesday Review... Solar P1 Bow-Loc Net

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Wednesday Review... Solar P1 Bow-Loc Net

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THE ABSOLUTE BOW-LOCS! Solar’s new/old net is an absolute worldie, and what’s more, it’s made right here in Blighty!

SOLAR SHOULD NEED ABSOLUTELY NO INTRODUCTION but if you’re new to this game, then indulge us as we wax lyrical. The stainless, rig and bait empire that maverick carper Martin Locke founded in the 1980s has grown from humble beginnings to the glossy outfit that we see today. You know what, they’ve done it properly too, making all their kit in the UK. Martin’s whole ethos is perfectly summed up by the latest Solar blockbuster, the relaunched Bow-Loc net. Look hard enough and you’ll still find original Bow-Locs still in use, they’re THAT good. So the new one has a lot to live up to…

So, this concept, it’s not new? Nope, the original Bow-Loc nets came out in 1989 and they raised the bar then, both in terms of function and quality. They were so good that they’ve become cult now, and an original Bow-Loc net is highly prized among collectors and serious anglers alike. As we said, it’s testament to Martin’s genius, and the build quality of the original net that so many still exist! Although it’s not exactly the same system, the new version is every bit as effective as the original. The principle is certainly the same: a net that collapses in an instant when triggered and is easy to reassemble just as quickly.


Tell us more about this magic spreader block then Okay, so it’s machined from solid stainless steel right here in the UK. This is NOT an off-the-peg Chinese special. The block itself is a work of genius, featuring a simple button that, when depressed, allows the arms of the net to collapse so you can bring a fish ashore. In other words, there’s no more struggling with uncooperative arms while up to your knees in mud and weed, one press of the button and you’re done. We really can’t emphasise just how easy this system is to use, which is the mark of a truly innovative product.

Is it well made? You really wouldn’t be asking that if you knew Lockey. Build quality really is his thing, and that carries through into everything that Solar does. Now, the stainless steel theme runs from the block to the ferrules at the base of the net arms, so you can appreciate that this really is a belt-and-braces piece of kit. The arms and the block itself are the areas that the net needs to be at its absolute strongest, and there’s not better material than stainless for taking that kind of abuse. The handle and arms are made from tough carbon, which is tastefully appointed with stainless fittings and fixtures.


I’m into boat fishing, is this going to suit? You’re in luck! We all know that being able to manoeuvre a net while you’re being pulled around in a boat is key, and that means a shorter handle, right? Well, the Bow-Loc handle features a clever Twist-Loc handle that can be extended from 3ft (perfect for boats) to 6ft (perfect for everything else!). What’s more, it couldn’t be easier to make the extension: just twist, extend and twist back to lock. Simple.

So it looks the part? You bet. There aren’t many nets in history that have been lavished with quite as much attention to detail and aesthetic as this one. Everything from the matt stainless, to the high-gloss whippings and matt carbon handle and arms sings in harmony – this is a special looking net. Lockey and Solar have been producing kit that anglers covet for decades now, so it’s fair to say that they’re tapped directly into our psyche and they know what buttons to press!

What about extras? Well, you get a storage bag, which has been designed to keep the boot of your car safe from slime and odours with the Bow-Loc, and you can’t say fairer than that.

Key Features - Arms are built from full carbon - Features stainless fittings - 42-inch carp-friendly green mesh - Comes supplied in a storage bag - Highly-acclaimed, quick-release spreader block - Carbon handle extends from 3ft to 6ft - Quick-release, Twist-Loc mechanism - Ergonomic, shrink-wrap grips - Laser-etched stainless end cap finishes this handle off

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