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Wednesday Review... Trakker Sanctuary Carp Care

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Wednesday Review... Trakker Sanctuary Carp Care

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… Carpology-Logo-Blog

SPECIALISTS IN SANCTUARY! In terms of priority, fish care comes pretty high on Trakker’s agenda (just below making us so comfortable on the bank, we reckon!) and here’s how their SS collection shapes up…

Being a habitual producer of innovative kit, it’s no surprise that Trakker is continually improving their carp care offering, now under the highly regarded Sanctuary banner. Their heritage for carp care is unquestionable, and with each passing year the kit becomes more and more refined, making it so much easier for us to look after the fish that we prize so highly. The new additions to the Sanctuary range look promising too, but do they fit with your angling MO?

1.) They will if you’re a practical sort… Let’s take the Protekta Mat for instance. Rather than retain the slightly rough surface that most mats (Trakker’s previous ones included) seem to have, the team chose a super-smooth PVC coating for the surface of the mat that comes into contact with the fish, helping to protect its natural mucous barrier.

2.) You appreciate progress and evolution in design Trakker looked hard at the products in its carp care range and set about overhauling those bits that could be improved. One such example is the V2 Sanctuary Retention Slings. They’ve been redesigned to allow much easier releasing of fish, and now boast double-reinforced handles and a mesh pocket to hold your 5m retaining cord. Perhaps most significantly, they’re now box-shaped, giving fish more wriggle room, ensuring they stay safe when retained.


3.) You’re not playing at carp care This is carp care kit for the serious angler, which means it should be standard issue for all carp anglers. These aren’t cheap copies of other products, thrown together to make a fast buck. Nope, R&D money has gone into their design and we’ll all reap the benefits.

4.) You appreciate companies that go the extra mile Whether it’s the roomy retention flap on the Protekta Mat, or the hi-viz floats on the Sanctuary Carp Sack, Trakker has thought through the user experience for each of its products, as well as deciding what is best for the carp themselves. The result is an evolving range of carp care kit that’s a credit to the carp world.

5.) You’re keen on keeping things tidy All the Sanctuary kit either packs down neatly in and on itself, (like the Protekta Mat, which rolls up) or comes with sleeves or pouches that it can be packed into, which means that the inside of your motor won’t be smeared with stale slime! Having those nylon sleeves to slide the slings into is an absolute Godsend!

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