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Wednesday Review... Urban Baits Red & Spicy Fish

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Wednesday Review... Urban Baits Red & Spicy Fish

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… Carpology-Logo-Blog

HOT & SPICY! Urban Baits doesn’t start and stop with the Nutcracker. They also produce a fishmeal-based bait which head consultant, Jim Shelley, is currently ripping waters apart with…

When you think of Urban Baits, you think of that sweet smelling Nutcracker bait which Jim Shelley has used to incredible effect over the past few years. But there’s more to Urban than just this pale, creamy bait – they also produce two other foodbaits, one’s called Tuna & Garlic and the other is what you’re looking at here:

The ‘Spicy’ is made up of three key components: the base of the bait is made from a mixture of fishmeals, milk proteins and cereals which give this foodbait a highly nutritious, extremely digestible and very tasty make-up. It comes with a great texture, making it easy for the carp to eat and breakdown, and whilst it isn’t overpowering, it has the most potent spicy smell to it.

The result is a bait which works in an instant but will still perform extremely well with long-term baiting campaigns. From the clearest gravel pits and cloudy estate lakes to rivers and super pressured intimate ponds, the Spicy & Red Fish works all year round and on a vast range of venues.

There’s an entire collection of extras to go with the boiled food, from pellets, Stick mixes, barrel-shaped hookbaits and a large range of different coloured pop-ups.

The Red & Spicy Fish is a bait company owner, Terry Dempsey first used back in the 1980s to devastating effect.

Urban Baits boss, Terry Dempsey, on the Meshed Corkball Pop-Ups...

“The Meshed Corkball Pop-Ups (1) are a unique Urban product. Because of the thin layer of paste we use around the corkballs, I very lightly glug mine in either neat flavouring (2) or glug (3). I find they are best fished on the Multi Rig using a metal screw, but more importantly they don’t require too much putty, making the rig extra neat and tidy. The main beauty for the Meshed Corkballs is not only are they made from the actual mix we use for making the boilies, but you are able to leave them untouched in water after bird takes or small fish nibbling for days at a time, knowing we are still fishing.”

Key Features - Can be used on all types of lakes - Produces excellent results from very difficult waters - Made from the highest quality fish meals and fish oils - It is mainly a summer bait but will also catch in the colder water - The bait has a very distinct smell and oozes carp - It can be used instantly to great effect - Best results will come from regular or heavy baiting

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