Wednesday Review- Waverunner Atom Bait Boat

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Wednesday Review- Waverunner Atom Bait Boat

Life On The Baited Waves

When you really want to make the most of your angling session, and you're fishing a large venue, with some potentially rewarding features set at a distance across the water, the most effective way to get your bait straight out to where you need it is a bait boat, which brings speed and accuracy to your baiting regime.

Bait boats come in a range of styles and sizes, making it easy to find the baiting technology that's right for your angling.

Waverunner Atom Bait Boat


Ideal for both small and large waters, this bait boat has a range of 400m (weather and water dependent) and a run time of up to two hours, operating at top speed. This makes it ideal for a long weekend down at the bank.

If you’re looking to send out a reasonably large quantity of bait quickly and accurately, the Waverunner Atom is the perfect choice. It can hold up to 1.5kg of bait in its single hopper, enabling you to drop a huge amount of freebies with precision. This hopper is operated by an electromagnetic system. This means that you’re never in a scenario where the catch of the hopper system becomes caught. Not only does this mean that you can always be confident that your bait is going to be dropped exactly where you want it but it also makes refilling and latching the hopper door easy on the bank. Unlike other baitboats, which require you to feed your hookbait up into the main hopper (potentially causing damage to your line), the Waverunner Atom also has a reliable magnetic hook release system. This allows for the independent release of your hookbait, giving you the versatility to drop your hookbait directly Bait Bon top of your main load of bait or at a slight distance. This benefits those anglers who are looking to target huge fish, as it is often said that large carp will hang back form the main bundle of freebie baits. The independent hook release system allows you to be as strategic as you like when positioning your bait and it enables you to pull your hookbiat so it is slightly shy of the main pile of freebies.

Lights on the front and rear of the boat, including two huge headlights, means that you can use this boat accurately even in low light or night time angling conditions. The coloured LEDs also very clearly idneicate the direction in which the boat is moving. This makes it perfect for those situations when you get a take in the dark and want to re-bait or replace your hook before you go back to bed. These headlights are operated using the handset, so you can switch the lights on or off on the water depending on how stealthy you are attempting to be. One of the most impressive features of this baitboat is the fail-safe boat-return mechanism. This means that if ever your boat ends up out of reception of the handset it will cut off one of its propellers, causing it to turn 180 degrees until it returns into range.

A versatile bait boat with a typical range of around 400metres, depending on conditions, the Waverunner is an ideal choice for the campaign carp angler who's looking to bring professional baiting ability to every situation.

Key Features:

. 400m range

. 1.5kg bait load

. 2hrs run time

. Patented hook release system

. Built in failsafe so you never lose your boat 

. 2,4Ghz digital radio 

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