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Wednesday Review... Wychwood AVX Bite Alarm

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Wednesday Review... Wychwood AVX Bite Alarm

We’ve never had it better in terms of fishing tackle. Gone are the days when you had to pay extortionate amounts of money to get stuff that actually worked. Nowadays, with quality manufacturing and design so freely available, we can pick up very solid items of tackle for a fraction of the price we used to.

Lets take the new Wychwood AVX Alarms for example. You’d pay £19.99 for an alarm in 2001 and it would be larger than a house brick and leak like a sieve. Hop forward to 2016 and what you’re getting here, for the same price, is a quality alarm that will last for years and is smaller than your smartphone.

The team at Wychwood wanted to create a “compact and durable alarm that could be adapted to suit a multitude of angling situations” and we think thats exactly what they’ve been able to do - from ‘session’ carp anglers to quick overnighters, the AVX is able to withstand all the rigours that carp angling can bring. Its matt black finish screams class and its host of features leave you wondering how it can be in this price point?

Tone control - check; volume control - check; sensitivity control - check… and with variable 10 to 40-second latching times, low battery warning and a variable LED, the AVX will work hard for you in all situations from tight-as-a-tick zig fishing to slack-line chodding.

As you can probably tell, we like this alarm a lot. We like our alarms to make noise when line passes through them and thats exactly what you get here plus a little bit more, all for just 20 quid.

Key Features - Tone control - Volume control - Sensitivity control - Variable LED - 10-40 Second latching time - Low battery warning - All settings remain after switching off

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