Advanta Specialist Fishing Tackle

Specialist anglers are looking to push themselves for that trophy fish and we, here at Angling Direct know that the Advanta tackle can help land you that new PB.

The Advanta Specialist Range

The Advanta range has some series that you may have seen in predator or carp such as the CX range which is designed to cover the needs of the aspiring carp and specialist angler, so expect a combination of great performance, with a great entry-level price point.

If you need tackle for more demanding circumstances, the higher level CSX range is designed to cover the needs of the intermediate and experienced angler, delivering exceptional looks and performance.

This sub-category for Advanta also boasts many items such as bivvies, brollies, bedchairs, chairs, sleeping bags, plus unhooking mats, cradles and weigh slings.

The fish care items, in particular, have been built with heavier fish in mind so that tackling specimens are not a problem and you can be sure the fish are safe in your care.

Advanta also has well-established luggage and cookware ranges ideal for the specialist angler who tends to pack plenty and stay a whilst at the bankside. There are also plenty of general accessories such as rig making tools, tackle boxes, and other storage and bait solutions from Advanta that provide a more affordable alternative.

What Advanta Rod is Best for Specimen Angling?

The Advanta specialist range offers anglers after a monster fish some strong series of fishing rods. The RVS rod series is designed for specimen fishing applications such as Tench, Bream, Perch, Barbel, and Chub.

The Advanta selection of rods includes shorter 10ft versions of most of the standard-length rods to help fish in tight-knit swims. You will also find longer versions and multi-role Spod/Marker application rods. Our X5 range, despite used by coarse and match anglers, can help with specialist float and feeder applications.

Are Advanta Baits Good for Specimen Fish?

Our range of Baits and Additives from Advanta has been developed with leading bait companies to improve your catch rate without breaking the bank. There are two boilie ranges, available either as frozen or shelf life, plus a variety of PVA friendly, prepared particles. All these baits are proven fish catchers, and UK Carp in their mid-forties have been recorded, plus, to the credit of the range, huge Barbel, Tench and Bream.

Check out more on our Advanta products that are reviewed weekly on our blog or watch some Advanta Product Spotlights over on ADTV.

For Specialist Anglers, we also suggest watching Phil Spink’s Specimen Series for the latest tips and tricks on catching a range of big beauties.

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