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A long session angler knows that nothing is better than laying on their bedchair with a stomach full of hot food or waking up to the thought of a hearty full English breakfast. Cooking equipment is just as essential on the bank side as the rest of your tackle and a bowl or plate of hot food can do wonders to improve the mood after a long day, where catches have been less than scarce and blanking looks more than likely. Even something as simple as a fresh coffee or cup of tea can do wonders for the soul, but whether all you’re after is something to heat up your soup or you want something capable of a little more gourmet, we, here at Angling Direct, have done our very best to make sure you’ve got access to the kit you need.

We’re proud to offer an extensive range of market-leading cooking utensils and accessories from the world’s foremost brands. Angling Direct stock all the products from the industries most recognisable and reputable brands, such as Coleman, Trakker, and Chub. We also stock the full range of RidgeMonkey, who have been taking the angling world by storm with their innovative tackle items – including their now-famous sandwich toaster. Our own brand Advanta range also has a comprehensive collection of cooking equipment. Here, at Angling Direct, we’re proud to ensure that you’ve got all the gear you need to keep warm and fed – no matter how long your carp fishing session is.



If you’re planning on doing any form of cooking on the bank – whether that’s heating water for a brew or toasting up a breakfast sandwich – then you’re going to need a stove. There are a couple of things that you’ll want to look out for when you’re investing in your angling stove.

Firstly you want to make a note of the kind of fuel that your stove is powered by. For the most part, our angling stoves are gas powered and we also stock a range of different gas canisters in order to ensure that you’re never short of fuel on the bank. However, you will also find that a number of the stoves we sell are petrol or fluid powered. Either way, we’d recommend that you invest in a stove which has a good fuel-to-energy conversion rate. This means that you’re getting an economical stove which won’t require you reinvesting in fuel with each use. Whilst you’re looking at this you will also want to consider the power output of your stove. A stove with a low power output will produce a lower heat, making cooking and boiling time longer, whereas a high power stove will be able to produce heat much quicker. However, these do not necessarily always equate to combustion efficiency so it is worth bearing both factors in mind when you’re looking at investing in your stove.

As with most items of angling equipment, another thing you’ll want to factor in is the weight of the stove. This normally equates to the size of the stove and, as you might expect, larger stoves tend to be heavier in weight. Although you might be tempted to go for the smallest stove you can find, in order to limit the weight of your gear as well as the amount of space it takes up, it’s worth bearing in mind the size of the burner as well as the size of the support stands. The size of your burner will determine the size of the kettle or pan that you can place on the stove and although you can place a large kettle on a small burner the same is not true of the reverse. If you’re someone who regularly enjoys social fishing then it might be worth investing in a stove with a larger burner – allowing you to cook with larger pans to get more food cooked at the same time. However, a smaller burner will probably do the trick for you if you’re mostly a solo angler. The size of the support stands will play a large part in the overall size of the stove, both on the bank and in storage. Ideally, you will want stands that keep the stove low to the ground whilst also providing a wide base. This gives the stove a low centre of gravity, preventing it from toppling. However, this does add additional bulk to your stove and you’ll find that some of the top end stoves we stock will have one short central stand.

The final thing you’ll want to look at is the way the stove is ignited. For the most part, you’ll find that the stoves we stock have piezo-electronic ignition systems. This is an ultra-reliable ignition system that creates an electrical spark to ignite the gas. One of the biggest benefits of this system is that you don’t have to play around with lighters or matches on the bank, ensuring that you can ignite the stove in windy or wet conditions.

The stoves we stock range in price, between approximately £20 and £70, and most of the stoves you’ll see on the bank will hit the mid-point of this price range.



Now that you’ve got your stove the first thing you’ll want to look into is purchasing a kettle. After all, who doesn’t love a brew on the bank? Nothing can warm you from the inside out like a hot cup of tea or coffee. We stock kettles in a range of sizes and, once again, the type of kettle you’ll want will depend on your needs on the bank. If you’re someone who constantly has a fresh cuppa in your hand then it might be an idea to invest in a larger kettle. This way, you can heat up your water in one go, adding a little additional heat in between cups if you require it. A larger kettle is also the perfect option if you’re a social angler who often has friends on the bank, as you can make a handful of cups with one boil. However, if you’re a solo angler or you enjoy only the odd brew then we’d recommend investing in a smaller kettle. Not only is this less bulky and weighty, but it also takes less time to heat the water with each boil, making it more energy efficient. Our kettles range between £10 and £20 on average, and this cost is mostly dependant on the size of the kettle.


Pots and Pans

Without a top quality pot or pan how on earth are you going to heat up your soup or fry up your breakfast? This is why we have made sure that we have a huge selection for you to choose from, ensuring that you are always able to have the perfect gear for the job in hand. We stock a range of simple pots, which can double up as a kettle to heat your water at a push, which are perfect for cooking pasta, soups, and anything else you can imagine! We also have a collection of frying pans available for purchase. These are an angling essential for many as a classic British fry-up is a bankside ritual for the long session carp angler. As an added bonus, the pots and pans section of the cooking category is also where you can find our cookware bundles. Here you can invest in a matching set of pots, pans, and a kettle in order to have a coordinating cooking kit. What’s more, these sets are often interlocking. This allows for compact storage and it enables you to transport your cooking equipment to and from the bank with ease.

The final set of products in our pots and pans selection is a range of sandwich toasters. These have taken the carp fishing market by storm in recent years and you’ll be hard pressed to find an angler who doesn’t love their sandwich toaster! Sandwich toasters look set to overtake the classic frying pan, as not only are they more compact but they also offer superior heating. However, they do offer a smaller surface area than a frying pan, which could be an issue for the angler who cooks a lot of grub in one go!

Whichever product you choose you need to bear in mind a couple of things. Firstly, the ideal pot, pan, or toaster will be non-stick. After all, it’s more than typical that the moment you put your food on to cook your bite alarm will start to beep! What’s more, the chances that you’ll be able to thoroughly wash your utensils there and then on the bank are slim, so any residue left in the pan will likely remain there until you get back home. By investing in a non-stick pan you will not only make sure that your gear is quick and easy to clean but it also ensures that should you have to abandon cooking in favour of a take it’s only your food which will have to go in the bin (and not your gear too)!


Plate and Cutlery Sets

Now that you’ve rustled up a meal fit for a king you need to have something to eat it from and something to eat it with! We stock a range of cutlery, plates, and dining sets – all of which have been designed with angling in mind. From interlocking cutlery that won’t leave you rummaging through the bottom of your luggage for your spoon to a neatly packaged dining set complete in its own carry bag, there is a huge range of options of for you to choose from.


Mugs, Cups, and Bottles

Similarly, we stock a wide range of mugs, cups, and bottles from which you can drink all manner of liquids. Whether you’ve got a hot drink or a cold one, you can find the perfect utensil in this section of our site. We stock a range of branded mugs which allow you to show your brand loyalty whilst also giving you a useful vessel for your tea or coffee. Similarly, we also stock a range of thermal flasks, designed to keep hot liquids warm for extended periods of time. As a handy hint, you can also make the most of your thermal flask in the summer months, as it will keep cold liquids cold, too! Finally, we also stock a range of water carriers. These are perfect for anglers on any length session, as they provide a handy way of transporting clean drinking water down to the bank.

If all this gear wasn’t enough to be getting on with, we also stock a range of cooking accessories. This includes spare gas canisters, which are compatible with a full range of our stoves (please check product specifications prior to purchase), gas canister sleeves (to keep your gas performing at an optimum level in sub-zero conditions), and windshields (to preserve heat and prevent the stove from being extinguished).

Each of the products across our range has been not only hand-selected by us, but also hand-tested for exceptional performance and dependability. Angling Direct makes it easy to transform even the most humble of snacks into a far more satisfying dining experience. Once you’ve enjoyed your bankside feast you can hunker down in your bivvy for the night or rest up in your chair for the day and wait for that spine-tingling scream from your bite alarm!

We regularly review the products in our catalogue so, if you want a more comprehensive overview of the product you’re about to buy or maybe you just want to see what any number of our pro-team thought of the product in action, you can explore the reviews in our blog archive. The Tackle Tuesday section of the blog spotlights some of the products we’ve been loving recently, and cooking equipment regularly features in amongst the rods, reels, and other tackle items.

If the reviews don’t give you quite the information you were looking for, our customer services team are always happy to help! On the customer services page of the site you can enter your query to see if it’s a question others have been asking or you can pick up the phone and give our team a ring. All our contact information and operating hours are on this section of the site too. Our shop staff are available to quiz for all their expertise too, and you can find your nearest shop using our store locator.

Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…

Elevate Your Angling Experience with Top-Quality Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Elevate your fishing trips with our selection of premium outdoor cooking equipment from leading brands at Angling Direct. Ideal for any angling excursion, our range includes sturdy camping kettles, high-performance fishing stoves, and robust cutlery sets, carefully chosen for their durability and convenience. Whether it's for brewing a quick cuppa by the water or preparing a satisfying meal, these essentials add comfort and efficiency to your outdoor experience, ensuring every fishing adventure is both enjoyable and memorable.

Camping Kettles: A Must-Have for Every Angler

Camping kettles are an indispensable part of any angler's gear. Our selection includes options from leading brands, ensuring durability, ease of use, and portability. Whether you're settling in for a long day of fishing or unwinding after a successful catch, our camping kettles are designed to enhance your outdoor experience, making them a must-have for every fishing enthusiast.

Fishing Mugs & Thermo

Our selection of fishing mugs and thermo mugs combines practicality with the pleasure of a hot drink outdoors. These mugs, especially the thermo variants, are designed to keep your beverages warm for extended periods, making them perfect for those long hours by the water. Durable, easy to clean, and ergonomically designed, they're not just a tool but a part of the angling experience, ensuring you stay refreshed and focused on your fishing adventure.

Portable and Practical: Outdoor Cooking Stoves

For anglers, portable outdoor cooking stoves are essential for a fulfilling fishing experience.

These stoves are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, yet powerful enough to handle a variety of outdoor cooking needs. Whether you're heating up a quick snack or preparing a more elaborate meal by the riverside, these stoves offer convenience and reliability. Their compact design ensures they can be easily packed and transported, making them a practical choice for anglers who value efficiency and simplicity in their outdoor cooking adventures.

Gas Outdoor Cooking: Fishing Stoves

Gas outdoor cooking stoves are a game-changer for anglers seeking convenience and efficiency.

These stoves are ideal for fishing trips, offering quick heat-up times and consistent cooking temperatures. Their ease of use and portability make them perfect for preparing a variety of meals, even in remote fishing locations. With these gas stoves, anglers can enjoy the simplicity of cooking outdoors without the hassle, enhancing the overall fishing experience with the luxury of a hot meal or drink, whenever and wherever they need it.

Camping Cutlery and Plate Sets

For any angling trip, having the right camping cutlery and plate sets is crucial for a convenient and enjoyable outdoor dining experience. These sets are designed to be lightweight yet durable, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of outdoor use. With practicality in mind, they often include compact designs for easy packing and transport. 

Fishing Cooking Sets: All-in-One Solutions

Fishing cooking sets are the perfect all-in-one solution for anglers looking to streamline their gear without compromising on the quality of their outdoor dining experience. These sets typically include a combination of stoves, pots, pans, and utensils, all specifically designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to use in the great outdoors. Ideal for those who want to keep their kit organised and efficient, these cooking sets ensure that everything you need for preparing a meal by the river is conveniently at hand, making them a practical choice for any fishing excursion.

Discover the joys of cooking in the outdoors with our premium range of camping and fishing cooking equipment.

Whether you're after a new camping kettle, a complete fishing cooking set, or just some sturdy camping cutlery, Angling Direct has you covered.

Browse our selection today and enhance your fishing trips with the best outdoor cooking gear.

You just can't beat a hot drink or meal after a long day on the bank - the thought of a sizzling full English and a cup of tea the following morning really helps you get through the night! For all the fishing venues that do not have any cafe services, be sure to pack some cooking equipment!

What Cooking Equipment Do I Need for Fishing?

Our range of cooking equipment includes stoves, pots, pans, kettles, cooking utensils, plates, bowls and mugs. There are also brew kits in our cooking range, which include teaspoons and little sealable pots for tea, coffee and sugar. In addition to the gas canisters, this section also sells windshields, gas sleeves or thermal covers that keep the bottles warm and fuel-efficient.  

For a better idea of the cooking equipment must-haves, check out our dedicated guide: Bankside Cooking - An Angler's Guide to Fishing Cooking Equipment

Great cooking gear for fishing is made by brands like; RidgeMonkey, Trakker, Nash, Fox and Highlander. Angling Direct are such a fan of good-quality cooking kit that we’ve even created cooking products to add to our own brand range, Advanta.

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