Fox Illusion Trans Khaki Mainline

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Key Features

  • Extra soft &fast sinking
  • Low diameter
  • Ultra low visibility
  • High knot strength &resistance to surface abrasion
  • Impervious to UV degradation
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CML141 Weight: 19LB, Length: 600m
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CML140 Weight: 16LB, Length: 600m
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Fox Illusion Trans Khaki Mainline, Fox Edges is an impressive range of terminal tackle from one of the leading tackle manufactures in Europe. With a promise to give you the edge on the bank time and time again, this is a tackle range that delivers each time you head down to the water’s edge. This Illusion Trans Khaki Mainline is just one of the incredible products in this range. The Trans Khaki camouflage pattern is something that the Fox team has worked hard on over a number of years. Perfect for anglers who fish in gin clear waters, whether that’s fishing for carp in a lake or Predator Fishing in a river, this Illusion Trans Khaki Mainline is invisible both on the water bed and running through the water – ensuring it will fool even the wariest and most nervous of carp. Not only this, but unlike other tinted fishing lines the Illusion Trans Khaki is impervious to UV degradation. This ensures that if you bulk buy your line it will still be in the same unused pristine condition at the end of the season as it was when you first laid eyes on it. Created with a dense construction, this mainline sinks like a brick once it hits the surface of the water. It’s also extremely supple, so when it sinks it will hug the contours of the river or lake bed – ensuring it is completely invisible. This combination makes it the ideal line for slack line fishing. Not only has this line been designed to have a low diameter but it is also highly abrasion resistant. This makes it hardwearing, so it can be used time and time again throughout the season without suffering from the nicks and cuts that weaken other, inferior lines. The low diameter of the line ensures that you can achieve super-tight knots which won’t break apart when it really matters.


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