The Complete Buyer's Guide to Fishing Hats

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The Complete Buyer's Guide to Fishing Hats

It goes without saying that our clothing range at Angling Direct contains a huge variety of angling hats…. much like many Angler’s Wardrobes! But why do us anglers love a hat?

Benefits of Wearing a Hat Whilst Fishing

Sun Protection for Anglers:

No matter the weather, the sun is always in the sky and always a risk to those spending lots of time outdoors. You may think that you are getting plenty of shade under your bivvy or shelter set up, but trust us, to really protect your skin and yourself from heatstroke, a hat is what you need when fishing.  

Winter Warmers:

On colder days at the bank, fishing hats prevent excessive heat loss through your head. A hat not only keeps the body temperature warm but your ears too.

Supporting A Fishing Brand:

With a fishing hat, you can show support to your angling brand of choice; Korda, Preston, ESP, Fox, even an Angling Direct Beanie.

Lucky Fishing Hat:

 A trusty fishing hat to many anglers is a token of good luck. Some anglers carry the same hat to even trip as a lucky charm, other anglers take a variety of hats depending on the weather and light conditions.


Types of Fishing Hats

There are fishing hats that are suitable for all weather conditions, from woolly beanies and bobble hats to keep your head warm during the winter to classic baseball caps to keep the sun off your face in the more pleasant months.

Baseball Caps

Usually made of canvas, lightweight material with a stiffened structure for its front peak, this style of hat shades your eyes and is a top choice for anglers in the summer.

Woolly Hats & Bobble Hats

Similar in style and purpose, these styles are usually constructed from thick, thermal fabrics with extra lining for insulating your head when spending hours at the bank during the colder months.


Can be less insulating than a classic woolly hat, the beanie is often made of longer fabric that can be folded over or gathers on the crown to create extra warmth.

Bucket / Boonie Hats

A great way to keep you cool in the hotter seasons, these type of hats offer shade to your whole head,  lays perfectly along your brow, with the rim sheltering part of the neck too.

Panama Hat

This more formal styled hat may be worn by classic styled anglers in the summer due to its lightweight linen or silk construction.

Flat Caps

Loved by the fly angling community, and fans of Peaky Blinders, the flat cap offers a small peak and felted insulation that usually comes in tartan or muted greens, browns and greys.

Ear-Flap Hats/ Arctic Hats

Often a winter choice, these hats usually have a fur or felt lining on its interior for additional warmth and boasts extra material to cover your ears.


The hats in our range come in a variety of styles, from looks that wouldn’t look out of place in the most fashionable high street shops to classic bank wear that clearly identifies you not only as an angler but also with your favourite angling brand.



What to Consider When Buying a Hat for Fishing

With styles and types covered, you need to think about what you want from a fishing hat before selecting the right one for you.

Body Temperature: Consider a hat that does not increase the warmth and perspiration of your head too much.

Climate: The type of hat you pick needs to reflect the climate and season. Expecting sunshine and heat: go lightweight and a peak, more of a winter scenario: insulation and waterproofing.

Weight of the hat: The more insulating material used or metal eyelets used the heavier a hat can be. Consider this especially when wearing all day in the sun.

Bug Protection: Some hats come with either built-in or a Velcro net attachment that helps keep bugs getting in your face or neck.

Sweat Bands: This is an absorbent piece of material placed on the inner rim of the hat, offers a better grip to your head but also absorbs sweat from your head from dropping to the face. Great for a very hot climate.

Sun Protection: You may find that some fishing hats boast an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating. Materials of a 15-24 rating are good, 25-39 is very good but 40-50+ is the best.

Breathability: For warmer seasons, the eyelets on a cap come in handy for ventilation as does hats with mesh panels.

Peaks: Although many say that peaked fishing hats provide sun protection for their eyes, others argue that they can obscure vision as well as being easily blown off on windy days.

Sizing: Many hats comes as a ‘one size fits all’ with adjustable features such as pops, Velcro or a strap. Some hats like buckets have elastic cords that can be tightened.

Chin Straps: Used to keep the hat on your head on windy days, this feature can save you losing your hat and any flies attached to it!

Water Resistance: The splash of a battling fish or caught in a downpour, having a hat with shower-proof qualities is certainly useful, especially if you just need to give it a quick wipe. It is worth noting that waterproof hats tend to be a bit stiffer in the fabric used.

Machine Washable: After the dirt and slime of a fishing session, it may be useful to check if a hat you want can be chucked in the washing machine along with the rest of the angling gear at the end of that day!  

Quick Drying Hats: If you do wash your hat or accidentally drop it in the water when netting a fish, some are made of quick-drying materials that in a cool breeze, getting dry in no time.


What Colour Hat is Best for Fishing?

In typical carping fashion, the camouflage pattern of most angler hats offers inconspicuous blending to your environment, preventing you from spooking carp in close range or stalking situations.

For fly anglers, choosing tans and browns are ideal, especially when wading in the water, closer to trout.

Oddly enough, you will find predator, coarse and match hats can vary more in colours, boasting blues, reds, oranges and bright greens!

Fun Fact: Some Anglers place ‘retired flies’ on their hats as prized lures, keeping memorable flies close.



Best-selling fishing hats vary on the season so check out the diverse list below for some popular hats to choose from.

1. Trakker Plum Beanie 


2. Korda Brockmann Cap

3. RidgeMonkey APEarel Dropback Beanie Hat Black

4. ESP Reversible Bucket Hat

5. Snugpak DPM Snug Nut Hat 


Today is ‘Wear a Hat Day’, a fundraising event hosted by Brain Tumour Research. If you want to raise some money for the cause, why not post a picture in your favourite fishing hat on your socials and make a donation. Find out more here. 

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