5 Fishing Rucksacks for 2021

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5 Fishing Rucksacks for 2021

The last time this blogspace featured a rucksack buying guide was 2014! A lot has changed since then, all tackle items have advanced since then, but none more noticeable than the fishing rucksack.

If you headed to the bank with a rucksack from any reputable brand back in 2014, you looked more suited to a month backpacking around Thailand, than a session on the bank. The rucksacks were big and bulky, structureless, saggy materials made the rucksacks twice the size they needed to be, and there were no cool, secret pockets or cutting-edge design back then.

Today the story is different, and the top brands produce some very high-quality luggage options that look the part too, some items wouldn’t look out of place on a field exercise with the SAS, they’re that carpy.


Nash Scope OPS Ruckall – Military Grade Styling

Nash take luggage options very seriously and have come a long way in recent years. With military grade styling and optimal use of space by utilising clever pockets and compartments, the Nash Scope OPS Ruckall is one of the best options out there.

The Scope OPS Ruckall features a zip out EVA top compartment that opens to show a tray that keeps all your necessary belongings to hand. When it is opened up, one side of the ruckall has tow spacious compartments with a stiffened divider to hold tackle and kit for your fishing session. The opposite side has a zipped compartment and a smaller cool bag area to keep bait and food cool. The straps are full adjustable and it has a zip up waterproof base that can conceal the straps to keep them clean. It comes with 8 retaining loops with base pouches to hold alarms and banksticks.



Vass Dry Fishing Ruck Sack Edition 3 – For the Adventurer

As you would expect from wader experts, Vass, this ruckall offers the best waterproofing on the market. If you set off for the bank and you see grey skies ahead, it will definitely be worth taking this rucksack with you, to keep all your valuables and most important tackle warm and dry.

There are many ruck sacks on the market but many fail the test of water ingress and rugged use. After substantial research and development Vass have now introduced the new heavy-duty Vass Dry Rucksack which combines tough construction, waterproof protection for your kit within and comfort when trekking to your swim. No need to buy separate rain covers for you ruck sack these days.


Vass Dry Fishing Ruck Sack Edition 3 Khaki Close Up 3


Trakker DPM 50 Ltr Rucksack – Capacity is King

If you’re one of those anglers that likes to leave home with everything in tow, the Trakker 50 Ltr is the rucksack for you. Trakker have provided plenty of space for all those items you take ‘just in case’ and will certainly minimise trips to and from the car once you’ve arrived at your chosen venue.

With stylish DPM print and a reputable Trakker tag, you can’t go wrong with this one. You won’t find this rucksack in DPM print anywhere else, it is one of our exciting AD exclusives.



Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Rucksack – Compartments, Compartments & More Compartments

Much like the Trakker rucksack, the Greys Prodigy bag offers generous capacity, but in a more organised manner, with a plethora of pockets and compartments locating your tackle items should be much more straightforward than rooting around in the main compartment of a bag.

The large main compartment is ideal for clothing and cookware, ensuring you can make yourself a cheeky brew – or even a fry up! – during lulls in the action, and quickly and easily ensure you’re suitably dressed to handle a change in the weather, be it pulling on your waterproofs, or swapping that thick jumper for a loose, cool t-shirt. Meanwhile, the jumbo front pocket is designed to offer the perfect fit for the Prodigy Klip-Lok Tackle Base Box, but could accommodate other, similar style containers, and an insulated bait compartment ensures that any and all ingredients in your baiting regime stay fully fresh, and in prime condition, ready to offer instant attraction to lurking carp once you get down to the water.

Internal soft mesh pouches provide handy storage for delicate items such as cameras, indicators, alarms, and sonar, as well as valuables such as car keys, wallet, and mobile phone, while a total of six side pockets – two small, two medium, and two large – hold all the tackle, tools, and accessories you’re likely to need, as well as snacks, drinks, and personal items.


Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Rucksack In Use 1


Thinking Anglers Camfleck Rucksack – Urban Utility

One for the urban angler, with its rigid design and short-session/overnight size, this is the perfect rucksack for a few hours on an inner-city bank. It looks the part too with a digital military print that adds specks of colour.

It’s packed with great features, including outer bankstick holders and well-placed internal pockets. Its boxy shape means it stands freely on its own and can be used as a bivvy table, the additional top pocket has a removable tray which is perfect for car keys and your mobile phone.

Thinking Anglers Camfleck Rucksack 2

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