Advanta Discovery CCX Flotation Weigh Sling - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta Discovery CCX Flotation Weigh Sling - Advanta Thursday

Advanta is a brand that puts fish care first, and nowhere is that concern more evident than in the design of our flotation weigh slings, which allow you to safely protect your catch as you carry it up the bank to be weighed and photographed, and then return it to the water.


Key Features of the Advanta Discovery CCX Flotation Weigh Sling

  • DPM version of Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling

  • Designed for safe retention and release of fish

  • Full length floats for added buoyancy

  • Three quarter mesh construction

  • Easy flow and exchange of water

  • Complete top mesh panel with full length zip

  • Safety clip, and support bars

  • Four carry handles, strong main weigh strap, with rings

  • Hi-vis Velcro fastenings

  • Supplied with zipped stink bag

  • 3m clip cord so as fish can settle in the deeper margins

  • Dimensions: 125cm L x 70cm D x 4cm W


Designed to retain fish safely, the Discovery CCX comes with full length floats for added buoyancy, and a 3mtr clip cord, which enables you to take the sling out to deep water to give a smoother, quicker recovery. Three quarter mesh construction allows you to see your fish from all angles as you’re transporting it in the sling, so you can react promptly to any signs of stress. This mesh construction also allows for easy flow and exchange of water, ensuring the fish is kept wet, which helps keep it calm, and promotes a stress-free catch and release.  A safety clip, support bars, four carry handles, and a strong main weigh strap, with rings, ensure complete stability of the floatation weigh sling, and full protection for all sizes and species of fish, while hi-vis Velcro fastenings ensure the sling is visible when you’re using it during a night fishing session, or in low light. The sling comes with its own zipped stink bag, so you won’t have to worry about a wet, smelly car following a good session.

An essential item of both fish care and bankside kit, a weigh sling ensures that the protective slime which coats a fish, and helps protect it from nicks from underwater hazards, and subsequent infections, isn’t degraded, and keeps the fish wet throughout its time on the bank, maximising the chances of a strong recovery, and ensuring that fish stocks remain healthy, and angling’s reputation is boosted among the wider community.  With younger people increasingly concerned about the impact of their lifestyles on the environment, making it clear that catch and release angling, when done properly, with the right equipment, and with consideration for the fish concerned, does not cause harm or distress to the fish, and, by enabling more people to encounter fish up close, whether directly through angling, or through seeing photographs in magazines, or on anglers’ social media feeds, promotes an interest in fish, and their habits and habitats, among people who may not be interested in angling as a hobby.

If you’re looking to ensure that every fish you catch is returned in prime condition, ready to swim another day, and give a good run to other anglers, then give your angling the Advanta advantage with the Discovery CCX Floatation Weigh Sling, and offer your new personal best complete comfort and protection during its time out of water, and a smooth, safe return to its natural habitat.


Why Choose Advanta? 

The Advanta brand was launched in 2011 after we identified the need to develop a range of simple core products that were not always available year-round in our stores and online. This range has now evolved further into the development of other higher-value core products designed to improve your fishing. With the growing number of stores, and literally hundreds of years of combined knowledge from our professional staff to tap into, there is no shortage of angling expertise crafted into our range. So, whether it comes to designing our products, or advising on the best choices to fulfil your requirements, we have it covered for you.

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