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Advanta Discovery RVS Centrepin Reel 4.75’’ - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta Discovery RVS Centrepin Reel 4.75’’ - Advanta Thursday

Many coarse, carp and fly anglers will agree that using a centrepin reel is an exciting way of fishing on rivers and lakes. Whether you are a keen river angler or enjoy stalking or float fishing for carp close in, a centrepin fishing reel is not only pure class and style but absolutely a joy to use at the bankside.

Nothing beats that feeling of being in direct contact with fish at all times. Using a centrepin certainly adds to the excitement of battling a fish in comparison to the commonly used fixed spool reel. 

Constructed with a stainless steel shaft, the Discovery RVS Centrepin features both a spool and frame cut from one piece, restricting the movement of the reel, and meaning the reel is ultra-smooth and built to last season upon season. For trotting, the Advanta centrepin offers a better or smoother presentation when holding the float back.

The Discovery RVS Centrepin reel uses stainless steel ball bearings to boast a frictionless feel inside the spool. Most efficient with the reel in the vertical position, the ball bearings ensure the smoothness of the reel, so you can enjoy a free-flowing spinning spool as you glide your float effortlessly and easily down your chosen stretch of river.

The reel is a 4.75 inch large in diameter meaning it can hold an ample amount of fishing line for long trotting as well as holding the runs of larger species. The Micro click ratchet assists with spool control as it can stop the spool rotating unexpectedly. This is an ideal feature for when transporting your fishing gear from car to bankside or over to another peg.

Other Key Features of the Discovery RVS Centrepin Reel:

  • Precision machine-cut aluminium frame
  • Anodized finish that makes the aluminium durable and corrosion resistant
  • Double wooden handles that give a quality look and feel in the hand
  • Detachable line guard which helps to prevent tangles and line wrapping around the reels foot but can be removed. 
  • Supplied with a cloth bag that protects your reel when in transit or storage
  • Weight: 293g


Why Choose Advanta?

Exclusive to Angling Direct, the Advanta Discovery range has gone from strength to strength over the years. With items and ranges from the worlds of carp, coarse, match and sea, plus more products in the pipeline it’s fair to say that the brand is now a firm favourite with anglers. Advanta represents quality, reliability and value for money. Expert anglers aid in the testing and development of products, ensuring that, when they reach you, they are in the best they can possibly be.

With all this and the price of other centrepins with comparable performance on the market being well over £200 you would expect the same. However, with the core values of Advanta being performance, reliability and value for money, the Advanta Discovery RVS Centrepin reel represents all three with a very pleasing, almost unbelievable price tag.

If you are looking for a centrepin to enjoy the pure pleasure in playing a fish with only your thumb to act as a drag, look no further.

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