Advanta Endurance EN2R Bite Alarm & Receiver Set - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta Endurance EN2R Bite Alarm & Receiver Set - Advanta Thursday

The Advanta Endurance EN2R Bite Alarm & Receiver Set is perhaps the best value bite alarm and receiver set on the market, making a night on the bank behind 3 rods is more accessible for everyone.

Supplied in a stylish hard case to protect your alarms whilst in transit, and present them nicely for when you want to show your mates. The alarms are shock and weather-resistant, meaning they will survive a downpour, an important feature for carp fishing in the UK!

There are 5 volume settings, you even have a mute option and adjustable tone and sensitivity, both of which feature 4 different settings.

The lights are an icy blue and latch for 12 seconds upon triggering, this is all powered by a 9v battery which is not included in the box and needs to be purchased separately.

The alarm set also includes a set of snag ears for each alarm, which can be a real edge when fishing close to snags when you need to lock up your reel.

Despite the unbelievable value on offer here, the kit also includes a receiver with a range of 160m. Thankfully, it is designed to have a flat base so you can stand it on your bivvy table, you’d be surprised how can manufacturers don’t think to make the base flat.

If you’re new to carp fishing, this could be the perfect alarm set for you, certainly the most affordable.

If you wanted a closer look at this Advanta Bite Alarm and Reciever, watch the video below.


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