Advanta N-Fused Prepared Particles 5ltr Bucket - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta N-Fused Prepared Particles 5ltr Bucket - Advanta Thursday

Advanta has created a bait that is sure to get the attention of fish everywhere. Their particle bait is designed to look and smell like food that fish love to eat. The Angling Direct team was able to test this bait out on the bank when fishing for Big River Barbel, over of ADTV, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Keep reading for the full review of the Advanta Bait Range of N-Fused Prepared Particles.

There are 8 flavours available in the range: Natural Hemp, Hemp & Maize, Chilli Hemp, Spod Mix, Hemp & Halibut Pellets, Coconut Hemp, Hemp, Sweetcorn & Maples and Nut, so anglers can pick and choose what best suits their target fish, venue and fishing conditions.

If you're an angler who spends your week on the bank, then this is a bait mix worth trying. The 5-litre bucket size of Advanta Particle Mixes will add some extra attraction for those fish that live far out in deep water and can’t resist such delicious treats! This fishing bait is ideal to add to a spod rocket of crushed boilies in order to create an ultra-attractive carpet of feed far out in your swim.


Key Features of the Advanta N-Fused Prepared Particles:

  • Perfectly prepared and ready to use
  • Full of natural attractors and appetite stimulators
  • PVA friendly
  • Ideal for use in a spod mix, loose feed or PVA bags
  • Supplied in a 5Ltr reusable bucket that’s the ideal shape to spod directly from

The Advanta team is always on the hunt for new products and mixes to set their bait apart from all others. Particles are an excellent way of spicing up a classic groundbait mix, so they've added some spice with particles! Check out the video below to see how well this bait performed for the Angling Direct team.

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