Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod - Advanta Thursday

Drop shot fishing, sometimes known as finesse fishing across the pond, has been growing in popularly in the UK as a quick and lightweight way of catching predatory fish. It is especially popular for catching perch, although big pike have also been known to fall to this tactic. Drop shotting is one of the most versatile angling tactics and can be used on almost any water, whether you’re stood at the side of a canal, fishing from a pier, or out on the water in a boat. It is also a low-gear way of catching big fish – all you need is your drop shot rod, reel, and lure rig, and you’re good to go!

If you’re a first time drop shotter, then chances are that you won’t want to invest in a whole load of new gear – especially if you’re not confident that it will be the sport for you. This is where Advanta has stepped in, with its low cost and high quality PS Drop Shot Rod. As the name suggests, this is a rod that has been specifically designed for drop shot predator fishing and, as such, it has been engineered in order to enable you to get the most from this area of the sport. There are two rods available in the Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod. The first of these is a 7ft, two piece rod. This offers an optimal casting weight range of between 5g and 15g, which is ideal for most small and mid sized lures. This rod length is perfect for the angler who is going to be fishing from tight sports, as well as being ideal for the smaller junior angler. The second rod in the series is 8ft in length and, once again, is two piece in construction. This makes the pack down size of the rod small, for ease of transportation and storage. This rod is ideal for fishing from a boat and it is ideal for the average angler. Once again, this rod has a casting weight range of between 5g and 15g.



Both of the Advanta PS Drop Shot Rods features ultra slim blanks, which offer a high power to diameter ratio. This is thanks to the high performance 30T carbon at work in the blank, which maintains rod strength without increasing the rod’s width. This is finished in flat matt black, to ensure that it looks good too! The rod boasts an ultra-sensitive tip, which gives maximum feel from the end of your terminal tackle up and into your handle. Not only does this help you achieve accuracy when you’re casting but it also means that you’ll experience maximum vibration with each take, helping you respond positively each time for more landed fish and few disappointing misses.

The Advanta PS Drop Shot features an SK2 reel seat, with an exposed blank, which holds your reel in the perfect position during even hard or aggressive fights. The EVA butt grip also helps to ensure that you’re not at risk of having your rod pulled from your grasp. The rod blank features lightweight LTS guides. These have been designed in order to offer maximum abrasion resistance, ensuring that this rod is ideal for use with a braided mainline. As a final useful feature, the Advanta PS Drop Shot has been fitted with a small hook keeper ring. This ensures that your terminal tackle doesn’t swing around whilst you’re in transit, protecting both it and the rest of your gear – as well as preventing any unfortunate tangles with foliage as you move around your venue. If you’re looking for a value-for-money rod to enable you to enjoy everything that drop shot fishing has to offer then you can’t go wrong with the Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod.

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