Advanta RTF Float Combo 10ft (3m)/30RD - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta RTF Float Combo 10ft (3m)/30RD - Advanta Thursday

Perfect for the beginner angler, getting into float fishing, the Advanta RTF Float Combo includes 1 rod and 1 reel that are designed for float fishing methods. Angling Direct has made this pairing so you do not have to spend lots of time trying to decide which reel best suits a float rod. Not only are we saving you time but this combination sale of rod and reel together saves you money too!


Float Fishing Rod Specification

At 10ft or 3m in rod length, this float fishing rod boasts a 3-piece construction that makes it mobile for when travelling to and from the bankside. Constructed with a composite blank, the float rod in this rod and reel combo boasts progressive action, perfect for float methods. Balance of your rod, which is hugely important when float fishing, is promised with the rod light cork/ EVA handle material.


  •  10ft (3m) Length

  • Progressive Action

  • Composite Blank

  • 3-pieces construction

  •  Double leg lined guides

  •  Screw locking reel seat

  •  Cork/EVA handle



Float Fishing Reel Specification

The perfect reel to pair with your float fishing rod, this Advanta reel offers rear drag which is easy to access and change while fighting a fish. With 1 ball bearing and a gear ratio of 5.2:1, the Advanta reel from this set boasts smoother reel function and durability.

  •  30 Size rear drag reel

  •  1 Ball bearing

  •  Gear ratio 5.2:1

  •  Positive lock, silent anti-reverse

  •  Ergonomic folding handle

  •  Over-sized line roller

  •  Push button spool

  •  Line friendly line clip

  •  Loaded with 6lb (0.20mm) clear line


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