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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Carp Starter Set

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Carp Starter Set

New Year? New Opportunities For A New Personal Best With Advanta

Advanta began life as a carp brand, back in 2011, and that founding enthusiasm has remained central to everything we do, even as we've extended our range to include dedicated match and predator tackle, and begun the painstaking process of developing specialist tackle for every angling eventuality.

As the Christmas dust settles, and you count up the money and AD gift cards you received (don't forget, gift cards are available year round, and can be loaded with as little as £10, right up to a game-changing £1000), we take you back to the roots of our brand, and give you a chance to catch up on all things carpy, and plan 2019's approach to landing that personal best from your favourite water.

If you've never gone carp fishing before, and you've got purchasing power burning a hole in your wallet, then you'll definitely want to get on the Advanta Carp Starter Set.

Get Started With The Advanta Carp Starter Set

The classic carpers' three-rod set up, perfect for allowing you to work all of your swim without breaking a sweat.

Supplied with three 12ft, 2.75lb test curve carp rods, each fitted with an easy to use, free spool reel, and nestled in a supportive rod pod that's set up with front and rear buzz bars, three butt grips to hold your rods stable at just the right angle for a cunning, totally carpy approach, three hangers, which make light work of positioning your rods exactly the way you want them, rigs ready and waiting for that first, thrilling bite, and three bite alarms, which give you a clear signal of just when to strike, the Advanta Carp Starter Set gives you everything you need to achieve a stable, stylish, and catch-ready set up on any venue, and take your first steps from novice angler to carp fishing improver. To make the decision to head out with your new set up even easier, the Carp Starter Kit also includes a durable rod holdall, perfectly tailored to carry the three rods from your set up locked and loaded with reels in place, ready to cast out and get fishing within minutes of arriving at the water's edge.

Simple, stylish, and incredibly effective – get your New Year off to the very best of starts with the Carp Starter Set from Advanta, perfect as a gift, or as the first decisive action towards your New Year's resolution to spend more time outdoors.

Key Features:

. All the tackle you need to get started with carp fishing

. 3x 12ft, 2.75lb rods

. 3 x free spool reels

. 3 x bite alarms

. 3 x hangers

. 3 x butt grips

. 3 rod buzz bars, front and rear

. Stable, stylish, and durable rod pod

. Three ready-rod holdall

Buy your Advanta Carp Starter Set today, add some bait and terminal tackle, head over to ADTV for some short, simple guides on tying some of the most simple yet effective rigs, and have a very happy, and carpy, 2019!

When you're ready to add to your set up, the Advanta Endurance range of tackle, luggage, and bankside essentials is well worth a look.

Buy the Advanta Carp Starter Set here



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