Advanta Endurance Low Chair - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta Endurance Low Chair - Advanta Thursday

The Advanta Endurance Low Chair has been designed for optimum comfort, strength and durability. Designed by anglers, for anglers, the chair is a versatile addition to your carp fishing tackle collection.

The first thing you’ll notice about this chair is its compact and low profile. This is because the Endurance Low has a shorter leg design than the standard angling chair. With this low profile, it is the perfect chair for use inside a bivvy or shelter, as it provides much better head clearance from any internal boss or rib structure.

Whether you’re a taller angler and you find yourself struggling for clearance or you’re someone who prefers a low-profile setup, this ensures that you’re able to sit up tall whilst still enjoying a panoramic view over your swim.

What’s more, the Endurance Chair has also been fitted with individual height adjustable legs. These enable you to accommodate for any steep or otherwise adverse camber on the bank, ensuring that you’re able to sit flat on any terrain. The feet on the chair also help to ensure that you’re able to sit flat, no matter the terrain on the bankside. This is because the Endurance Low has been fitted with swivelling mud feet. These are large flat feet which are fitted to the legs with a ball and socket style hinge, allowing the feet to rotate in accordance with the terrain in order to ensure that you have a sturdy base to sit on all day long.

The chair is generously padded to give you maximum comfort, so when your fish takes you can spring out of the chair and into action without the usual aches and pains that you get from sitting in other, less ergonomically designed angling chairs. Integrated arm rests ensure that you can relax in true comfort whilst you wait for your target fish to take. The chair features suede-effect upholstery, so you look good on the bank as well as feeling comfortable, without all the maintenance required by real suede.

With a frame manufactured from high-grade aluminium, this chair is both strong and lightweight. making the Advanta Endurance Low Chair perfect for both the mobile angler and the long session carper. The compactness of this chair also makes it ideal for storage, both in the boot of your car, on your barrow, and in your shed or garage.

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