Advanta Discovery CX Hermit Brolly - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta Discovery CX Hermit Brolly - Advanta Thursday

If you’re in the market for a short session shelter, the Advanta Discovery CX Hermit Brolly is what you’ve been looking for. At 55” it offers greater protection from the elements than the industry standard 45” or 50” and finished in a subtle olive green it will look the part on the bank too.

Key Features include:

  • New lightweight brolly system

  • Designed for the specialist angler

  • 5000HH Oxford nylon olive fabric

  • 55inch diameter brolly with mini storm-sides

  • Offers increased protection over a standard 45 or 50inch brolly

  • Low profile plunger system

  • Ensures improved headroom

  • Heavy-duty glass fibre reinforced frame

  • Twin storm caps fitted for storm pole deployment

  • Supplied with 4 pegs

  • Dimensions

  • Maximum Height: 140cm

  • Width: 260cm

  • Depth: 160cm

  • Weight: 4kg


Designed with the day-ticket angler on a gloomy day in mind, the lightweight Hermit brolly weighs in at just 4kg and can easily be transported to your chosen swim with or without a trolley. Being a brolly, the CX Hermit is quick to erect if you get caught out in the rain, ensuring you stay warm, dry and comfortable.

If the weather does take a turn for the worst you and your tackle can hunker down inside the Hermit brolly with room to spare, the fitted storm sides coupled with the 5000 hydrostatic head material the Discovery is made from, offer you unrivalled protection against the elements and coupled with 4 T-pegs and 2 storm poles, the Advanta CX Hermit will stay anchored to the ground in the worst of conditions.

Inside, the 55” brolly with its low-profile plunger system maximises headroom and offers plenty of space in which to sort through your tackle, make a cuppa or tie your rigs. If you find yourself on the bank and the weather takes a turn for the worst, be prepared to hunker down like a hermit with the Discovery CX Brolly from Advanta.

Watch the video below for a better idea of the Advanta Brolly!

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