Advanta Saturday- Advanta Endurance Uni-Extended Porch 1 Man

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Endurance Uni-Extended Porch 1 Man

Whether you are out on a long session fishing for monstrous carp or specialist breeds of fish, you may find some extra space during you stay at the bank a luxury worth investing in.

More room does not necessarily mean a new bivvy or shelter, instead Advanta wants you to save expense with its Uni-Extended Porch. Coming from the Advanta Endurance range, this universal fit porch is designed to fit most one man, pram-hood design, bivvies.

The idea is that by adding this porch to your bivvy, you dramatically increase the internal front space which is perfect for creating extra room for two bedchairs or for more luggage requires for the cooler season approaching. The dimensions of the porch are 125-145cm H, 260-300cm W, 170cm D adding plenty of room onto your current bivvy.

The material of the bivvy porch is made from 5000HH, 210D polyester with taped seams, meaning it is water-tight in the heavy rain we often get in the UK. The roll-back front panels with buckle retainers make opening up the front door of the bivvy easier and secure. You can also choose to partly open the door with the option of the 2-Way letterbox style door system.

The Porch also comes with three-door panel options: green, clear or mozzi. The green is the opaque option that keeps both light out and ventilation out. The clear door option again blocks ventilation but lets in all the light, like a window. The mozzi door option lets both the light in and the air but rest assures that the bugs are kept out!

The Uni-Extended Porch sports three height setting pegging points so you can tailor the porch cover depending on the terrain and the height of your bivvy underneath it. To assist in the fitting to your bivvy, the porch boasts an elasticated tensioning system, provides the versatility for the porch to fit nearly all one man, pram hood design, bivvies.

To secure the frame the front hoop pole is manufactured from rigid 16mm 6061 aluminium and there are four, adjustable, in-line tension poles to suit different bivvy designs supplied. If further tailoring is required, there is an adjustable tension strap as well as velcro rod retaining straps to secure the porch to your bivvy. In addition, the porch comes with a lightweight groundsheet that you can attach easily by the Velcro patches.

The Advanta porch also comes supplied with heavy duty T-pegs and you can carry the porch easily to the bank thanks to it coming complete with an oversized, zip top, heavy duty carry case. The total weight of the porch is 5.9kg. We think that the little extra weight to your barrow is worth it.

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